Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: The beatdownening.

Peter Skinner has had enough of Patrick's bullshit:

P.S. This is a judge, recently telling Patrick that, yes, he's going to need to get a judge to OK his lawsuit given that he is an undischarged bankrupt:

Patrick does not have a trustee. He deliberately did not disclose that information to the judge.


MgS said...

Of course he didn't disclose it - that would require fundamental honesty on his part.

However, the way he went about avoiding it, he's going to argue (predictably) that the court never actually asked if he had a trustee. (Because how many bankrupts don't have a trustee??? - I'm guessing the number is 1 ... in Canada)

Ross' whole objective basically seems to be to play games as long as he can get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Would it be considered perjury when it comes out that he didn't have a trustee? I mean technically he's not lying when he says he didn't seek his (non-existent) trustee's permission to file lawsuits but since there is none and he didn't disclose that part, does that count as lying under oath?

CC said...

I think it's unlikely, but it would certainly piss off a judge who feels like he was misled, and judges have a lot of latitude to be sympathetic or, well, not. You don't need to explicitly lie to the court to get in trouble; playing games with the court based on trying to be clever with your words is also a very bad idea.

Anonymous said...

And actually being clever is definitely not something that Twatsy has ever been accused of.