Friday, April 30, 2021


So, just to be clear, the people who, for decades, have celebrated and defended the brutal, inhumane imprisonment of Palestinians in an open-air concentration camp will now lecture us on the massive inconvenience of lockdowns:

Do I have that about right?


GOP: "Hillary ran an insecure mail server, lock her up!"

Also GOP: "Jesus, all you people are acting like statutory rape is a big deal."


Conservatives: "It is vitally important that we protect, with every ounce of our being, the precious freedom and liberty we are entitled to, and that government never be allowed to strip us of those freedoms and liberties as we go about our lives, unencumbered by draconian regulations or outrageously intrusive interference on our right to make personal choices as we see fit."

Also conservatives: "Women should not be allowed to have abortions." 


Even as Rebel News and Ezra Levant lament the alleged violence and thuggery of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, progressives, libtards, Montreal police, the NDP and everyone else they disagree with, can we keep in mind that, currently on his payroll, Ezra employs a full-time "journalist":


who once viciously attacked his wife with a chopping block:

Perspective. It's always helpful.

P.S. I would be remiss in not pointing out that, even with the recent revelations that GOP congressman Matt Gaetz apparently raped a 17-year-old, you will find nary a mention of this at Ezra Levant's White Hood Media Outlet and Laundromat:

Understand very clearly that the above Rebel News-wide search for the string "Matt Gaetz" was done at 05:11 the morning of April 30, 2021, and you can see that there is not a mention of the fact that Gaetz appears to be a sexual predator of underage girls. On the other hand, Ezra is happy to explain at tedious length about how Catherine McKenna blocked him on Twitter.

And now you know why the members of "Rebel Nation" are the stupidest human beings on the planet.

AFTERSNARK: While a search for "Matt Gaetz" throughout the entirety of Rebel News turns up all of three hits -- none of which mention the possibility that Gaetz raped a child -- we can see that Ezra is most certainly obsessed with Hunter Biden:

At some point, this is just plain creepy. Like "Keean Bexte chasing Greta Thunberg down a hotel hallway" creepy.


So, even as it appears that Republican congresscreature Matt Gaetz did, in fact, rape a 17-year-old, the GOP has decided that their screeching outrage should be directed at President Joe Biden picking a flower for his wife:

Sure, that makes sense.

Thursday, April 29, 2021


Rebel News and Ezra Levant are livid -- LIVID, I TELL YOU!! -- over the vile, despicable innuendo implied by the phrase "Uncle Tim":

And Ezra's right ... what sort of trashy, bottom-dwelling, racist piece of human garbage do you need to be to descend to the level of describing someone as ... as ... as ... uh oh ...

Didn't really think that one through, did we?

JCCF: Dishonesty edition, Apr 29, 2021.

Good Lord, but the bloviating Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms just took accuracy and fed it through a woodchipper. Regarding their recent doomed action to have COVID quarantine hotels declared unconstitutional or whatever the hell they were after, here's the shrieking headline:

Really? The Federal Court said that? Well, no, not really, as the very second paragraph of that nonsense reads thusly:

While the Court did not issue the interim injunction, it found that both Charter Section 7- the right to life liberty and security of person, and Section 9 – the right not to be arbitrarily detained are engaged by the federal quarantine policies and were serious issues to be tried at a further trial.

In other words, the Court said no such thing and simply handed over the arguments to an actual trial.

The full ruling can be found here, where I draw your attention to:

In short, the ruling does not even remotely sync up with the idiotic headline on that rubbish from the JCCF.

I'm sure you're shocked.

Douchebaggery: A play in three acts.

  1. We're very, very upset.
  2. We're suing.
  3. Send money.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's installment: Where the fuck is all that money going?

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Read it.

Just read it, OK? Any of that seem creepily familiar? Discuss.

Apparently, Ezra Levant is lying.

Quelle surprise. More to come.

I think we all agree, it doesn't happen often.

Apparently, the idea that someone has to apologize to Rebel News happens so rarely that it's all Ezra can talk about:

Tune in tomorrow (and the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after that) as Ezra whinges on and on and on and on and tediously on about this.

P.S. Speaking of bullshit and retractions ...

"Hey, Siri, ...

... make a suggestion for the dumbest idea imaginable."

Caption contest!

And ... go.

Rebel News Lying Lies: Apr 28, 2021 edition.

Here's the lying liars at Rebel News and more of their lying lies:

To no one's surprise, this is simply another lying lie by the lying liars at Rebel News:

I'm sure a teary, sincere apology and retraction from the lying liars at Rebel News is imminent.

Brian Lilley is an asshole.

That is all.

It's like fucking clockwork.

Rebel News' Ezra Levant: "We need to run another fundraiser. Chris, go forth into the street and get yourself arrested!"

Chris Sky: "On it."

David Menzies: "What about me, boss?"

Ezra: "Just go forth into the street."

BONUS TRACK: Yup, this is exactly the kind of pathetic, vindictive human garbage you expect to see being promoted by Rebel News:

It's just a thought.

When you literally have to explain that, no, you're not personally responsible for someone having murdered 51 people just because that gunman was a big fan of yours:


maybe it's time to think about when your life went this horribly wrong.

I'm just throwing that out there.

P.S. It occurs that, when the discussion turns to dishonesty, Ezra might want to dial it back a bit.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Sure, let's talk about tax receipts, shall we?

Much more on this later but, as I've blogged about before,  Rebel News is currently bragging that, if you donate to their "Fight the Fines" program through this interesting entity called "The Democracy Fund," then your donations are (you guessed it) tax deductible:

which is some kind of interesting since neither Ezra Levant nor Rebel News is a registered charity under CRA rules, which means The Democracy Fund has agreed to use its charitable tax status to effectively "launder" donations to Rebel News, and far be it from me to suggest that CRA might want to take a close look at this, so if you wanted to suggest it, that is entirely up to you.

Dear Rebel News: How's that Fort McMurray convoy coming along?

It's going on five years now since Rebel News' Ezra Levant lightened numerous folks' wallets with (among other things) the promise to organize a real he-man, toolbelt-wearin', snuff-chawin', pickup truck-drivin', testosterone-drippin' convoy to chug their way up to Fort Mac and help the town rebuild:

Are we allowed to ask how that convoy is coming along? I'm just curious.

Any minute now, amirite? Annnnnnnny minute now ...

I'm sure this can't end badly.

If Tucker Carlson were any more of a bloviating twatwaffle, ignorant colostomy bag and menace to public health, he'd be Sheila Gunn Reid.

Monday, April 26, 2021

If Larry Kudlow were any dumber ...

... he'd be David Menzies:


Matthew 6:5-6:


Derek Sloan: "Take my picture, goddamit! Take my picture! Yeah, wooooooo! Fuckin' A!!! Thanks for coming out!"

As God is my witness ...

... I am at an absolute loss as to how to properly mock this:

P.S. If anyone cares, I once documented just one of Gunn Reid's egregious, blatant, howling falsehoods here.

Your life, or Derek Sloan's political career and publicity? Tough call.

This would be Derek Sloan (and Randy Hillier) making it clear that they don't care if you get sick and die, as long as they get their photo-op:

I believe Lord Farquad said it best:

Sunday, April 25, 2021


Conservatives who relentlessly mock and deride the "nanny state" currently absolutely goddamned motherfucking livid that government is not advising them to take their vitamins:

Anthony Furey really is the David Menzies of Lorrie Goldsteins, isn't he?

When search engine optimization goes horribly, horribly wrong.

From back in 2019, we get a brief glimpse into how opportunistic hacks like Ezra Levant drive traffic to their sites:


Ooooohhhhhh, myyyyyyyyy ...

Ex-Rebel Newser Caolan Robertson explains the corporate strategy for Rebel News in four easy steps:

There's a lot more of this coming shortly, so you might want to check back on a regular basis.

ANY OF THIS SOUND VAGUELY FAMILIAR? Ex-Rebeler Robertson explains that the basis of getting views and engagament is ... confrontation:

Confrontation ... confrontation ... oh, right:

And now you know.


Canada's conservatives: "It's vitally important that we remain skeptical of vaccines, and gather umasked in large groups to defend our precious freedom to infect one another with a deadly virus."

Also Canada's conservatives: "Why can't we get this pandemic under control? It must be Justin Trudeau's fault!" 

It's a small world, Anthony Furey.

Here's the Sun's Anthony Furey, recently decrying the uselessness of journalistic "echo chambers":


Here's Anthony, far more recently publicly fellating right-wing crackpot and dingbat Candice Malcolm:

And here's Anthony, a member of the lunatic conservative "think tank" True North Centre, identified with his boss ... Candice Malcolm.

Refresh my memory, Tony, what were we talking about just now, oh, right ... echo chambers.

Please, continue.

Doucheland Uber Alles.

I guess when you're a weaselly Nazi turd, everything reminds you of East Germany:

For additional entertainment, pop over to that tweet to see Keean getting his pasty Aryan ass handed to him by people sick of his grift, whose only purpose is to encourage people to do medically idiotic things so he can make a buck off their eventual misery.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

That slow, swirling-around-the-bowl sound that is Rebel News.

It is slowly becoming less amusing and entertaining to keep picking on the fetid cesspool that is Ezra Levant's Rebel News, mostly due to the stench of pathetic desperation as Ezra struggles to find ways to provoke outrage among his intellectually-crippled acolytes, and a recent story reeks of such desperation, I swear, you would think I was making it up if I didn't gift you with a screenshot.


You are reading that correctly -- in order to drive his imbecilic disciples into paroxysms of rage ("paroxysm": look it up), Ezra reports ever so breathlessly that CBC president Catherine Tait, while on business in New York, had the massive fucking effrontery to ... expense her business expenses.

Please ... take a minute and let that sink in.

Out of all the actually interesting and breaking news out there, Ezra has decided that one of his front-page stories is going to be that the president of the CBC had the nerve to travel on business, use taxis and parking and ... ask for receipts.

This ... this is the pathetic vacuity that is Ezra Levant and Rebel News these days ... the hysterical, childish screeching about someone declaring business expenses as, you know, business expenses.

The mind just fucking reels.

COMING SOON: None dare call it "money laundering."

Friday, April 23, 2021

Ruh roh ...



40-year-old basement-dwelling Internet troll who declared personal bankruptcy to get out from under my massive judgment against him for malicious defamation now insists he can't imagine being "that much of a bum":

You can't make this stuff up. You just can't.

I CAN'T EVEN ... 40-year-old bankrupt living at home in his parents' basement will now talk smack about ... 40-year-old virgins:

I swear, I feel like I'm being trolled here. This has to be a parody.

Good Lord ...

If disgraced ex-Rebeler Keean Bexte were any more of a slimy, hate-filled propagandist, he'd be Michelle Rempel.

Rebel News: Your number one, go-to source about all things Rebel News.

And in today's Rebel News episode of, "Rebel News: What Rebel News is up to today":

Tune in tomorrow when Ezra Levant again talks about his favourite topic: Ezra Levant.