Friday, October 07, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: Busted?

Given that Patrick Ross' former employer, Fluidpro Oil Services of Clairmont, AB, insisted that Patrick has not worked there since mid-September, it took very little time for my network of crack, secret, elite, secret and crack undercover agents to follow the trail of bread crumbs Patrick always leaves behind on social media to conclude that, in all likelihood, Patrick has made a lateral move to a similarly menial job with a firm named Avenge Energy Services, with an office also in Grande Prairie. (It is odd how someone who is so frantically trying to evade process servers and the Saskatchewan sheriffs and the federal Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy insists on publishing pretty much everywhere he goes and everything he does but ... whatever.)

To this end I have already informed my process server as to Patrick's likely new employer for future service. Similarly, I have just sent off an email to the Collections Division of the Saskatchewan Sheriffs as to where they might find Patrick for resumption of my garnishment order against him. And, finally, I instructed the Sheriffs to make yet another collection attempt against Patrick's credit union account, just for the sake of completeness.

Have I forgotten anything?


Anonymous said...

"Patrick Ross @DragonFireIdeas
MGTOWs are ideologically distinct from "incels." MGTOWs don't advocate violence against women, they choose to isolate themselves from women.Both ideologies are foolish, but they shouldn't be confused with each other. "

Good to see Patrick holding forth, for once, on a topic where he actually has some first hand expertise.

Anonymous said...

When did incels advocate violence against women? They seemed more against attitudes by the prettier people, that end up with them not getting any action.

MgS said...

Anonymous @ 3:59PM:

Perhaps you’ve forgotten about clowns like this?

Toronto van attack: Minassian guilty of killing 10 people

… Trust me, violence against women is very much at the core of the Incel movement, and similarly the recently discussed “Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW)” (incels with a prettier name, basically) that Poilievre’s social media crew were tagging into his videos.