Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Wherein Ezra Levant throws barrister Sarah Miller under a very large bus.

This is adorable ... recall that I pointed out how barrister and Rebel News house elf Sarah Miller lied about the rationale for the Emergencies Act inquiry by suggesting that it is happening only due to public outrage [emphasis added]:

"Exercising fundamental freedoms and failing to comply with the powers exercised under the Emergencies Act, attracted up to five years imprisonment. Due to the overwhelming public criticism, an inquiry has been launched into the decision to invoke such powers."

Hilariously, here's Miller's master, Ezra Malfoy, cutting Miller off at the knees by contradicting her completely:

Note how Ezra correctly explains that the inquiry is legally required to occur, despite the utter nonsense Miller is spewing.

That's the trouble with lying about stuff -- after a while, it gets hard to keep track of which lie you told.

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Brian Busby said...

Someone should tell Ezra that the Emergencies Act does not invoke martial law.