Sunday, August 21, 2022

And lo, TUPOC called for the batshit crazy, and the batshit crazy did come.

From one of my more reliable confidential informants: 

"TUPOC director Diane Nolan has been delivering a sermon from the pulpit of the deconsecrated St. Brigid's for the last half hour about Elisha and Gideon and Jesus dying for us, and some bears in the woods - but here she is calling the dozen or so congregants to come forward for the laying on of hands. And lo they came forward and she laid her hands on them."

Today's sermon brought to you from the Old Testament, the book "Do Bears Do It in the Woods 3:16."


Openly admitting that you're trying to hand over rent and the owner won't accept it is implicitly admitting that you were in arrears and are now trying to salvage the situation.

It's over. It's time for the cops to come in and start cleaning house.


Anonymous said...

There was earlier footage of William walking around the lot avoiding reporters, looking absolutely shellshocked.

It must be awful to fail so spectacularly, so completely, and so visibly on such a national scale. Given the fact that they couldn't even manage to pay the rent on time, I can only imagine what kind of debt load they've piled up for goods and services in the last few months. And I'm also doubtful they had the foresight to obtain Directors Insurance for Liability, Errors and Omissions, which is horribly expensive.

Anonymous said...

At this point any cheap stenographer that gives TUPOC time without mentioning that they are related to the Konvoy and anti-vaxers but also basically squatting (since they received an eviction notice) are basically enablers and no better than the Krazy Konvoyers...

Foog said...

If I remember the Elisha and the bears story from a retelling in a R.H. Heinlein novel, it goes something like: God's prophet Elisha was going up the mountain to do prophet-going-up-the-mountain things, a bunch of children from the village made fun of his bald head, he cursed them in the name of God, and the Lord in his infinite mercy and wisdom sent down two giant bears to tear apart 42 children. (Second Kings, Chapter 2, verse twenty-summin.)

Truly a heartwarming tale for the ages. Great choice for helping to spread the TUPOC message of love, understanding and tolerance.

Anonymous said...

Foog: That's the one.

In Nolan's version yesterday, youths jeered at Elisha calling him baldy so he called down a curse in the name of Jesus and 2 bears came out of the woods and mauled 42 of them.

It's all about a great transformation of the city apparently