Wednesday, August 24, 2022

William Komer is the Romana Didulo of Pierre Poilievres.

Seriously, there is something not quite right about that boy:

That dude makes even Chris Selley look cerebral.

P.S. Who's planning to hie themselves down to The United People of Canada's combination military compound and mental health clinic to watch the eviction tonight? It might be the best free entertainment this side of watching Pierre Poilievre eat breakfast and slobber on himself.

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Anonymous said...

If I didn't live 2000 kms away, I'd totally join you for that. I'd bottle up a growler of Cascadian dark ale, and we could set up lawn chairs across the street. We can rent some speakers and blare out some going away music, like others have been doing.
Start things off with "Fucker" by Strapping Young Lad: