Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Someone even stupider than Pierre Poilievre. Hard to believe.


There is no flour in Nanaimo bars, moron.

P.S. Appreciate the irony of The Man Who Would Be King pimping, as the alleged maker of the best Nanaimo bars on the planet, someone who does not even know how to make Nanaimo bars.

P.P.S. Does Skippy even understand that you can make Nanaimo bars without having to live in Nanaimo?


Anonymous said...

There are graham crackers in Nanaimo Bars.

There is flour in graham crackers.

Trying a little too hard to miss the point, aren't we?

Anonymous said...

The funniest thing in the world to me is conservatives who worship at the altar of the invisible hand of the market pretending like they have any policies whatsoever that would actually help with inflation.
"Cut inflationary deficits and taxes" is their solution to everything.
Inflation? Cut taxes!
High unemployment? Cut taxes!
Low unemployment? Cut taxes!
Step on a lego piece while walking tp the bathroom at 3AM? Cut taxes!

Purple library guy said...

How does he propose to "grow more food", anyway? I mean, I understand how dirty lefties would grow more food. I understand how centrists might grow more food, if they were pushed hard enough by dirty lefties.
But as far as I understand it, the only way Conservatives believe more food can be grown is by . . . raising prices.