Tuesday, August 23, 2022

TUPOC: All quiet on the lunatic front.

Just meandered by Loonbat HQ; nothing to report other than the 683 bags of garbage piled up on the sidewalk. You'd think they were spring cleaning or something.


"We just want to engage and dialogue peacefully with the community."
"Uh, about this eviction notice ..."
"Fuck you, get out or I'll have you arrested."

Bonus levity:

"I don't really know what's happening next; I'm just the director."


Anonymous said...

"I am not getting out. You are under orders to get out. So scram. How can you have me arrested? I place you under citizens arrest. You can't arrest me while you are under arrest. Now do me a favour and call the cops so I can turn you over to them"

Wait for the bodily harm threats, then tell them you are wearing a wire and the police are on their way. Why a mere eviction when you can have them jailed for uttering threats?

Anonymous said...

TUPOC's press conferences remind me of this great scene from Dumb & Dumber: