Monday, August 22, 2022

"The United People of Canada"s Diane Nolan: Bringing the crazy.

Jesus Christ (and I say that in the most pun-intended way) but TUPOC Director Diane Nolan appears to be a raging evangelical Christian whackjob and end times millennialist. Let's start with the fact that she is identified as "Director - Canada" for a lunatic right-wing organization called "Power Ministries International",

and appreciate that group's truly disturbing commitment to the end times-flavoured "imminent return" of their Lord and Savior:

Nolan (if this is indeed her, as it appears to be) has a most entertaining educational background:

No, I don't care what the "School of Daniel" is -- there's only so much batshit fucking crazy one can wade through before coffee.

P.S. Today is the official deadline for the TUPOCers squatting illegally in St. Brigid's to take their over-priced merch table and clear out, and if they are still there tomorrow morning, then someone has really dropped the ball.

By this, I mean that if, legally, today (Monday) is the actual (eviction-defined) deadline for TUPOC to vacate the premises, then they need to be told something along the lines of, "You have until 5 p.m. to get all your stuff and leave, as at 5:01 p.m., we will be changing all of the locks and anything you haven't retrieved will be relocated to that big green dumpster you see in the corner of the property. Do we understand one another?"

There should be no accommodation for an extension; no "Well, we're still trying to get the landlord to accept the rent ...". No. Short of an actual injunction, the eviction notice should be enforced as it is written, and if that means today, it also means that Lowertown should be able to wake up tomorrow knowing St. Brigid's has been emptied of that particular infestation.

It's time for the owner, the bailiffs and however many cops it takes to settle this. We don't need any Nazis at the bar.

UPPITY DATE: Apparently, the TUPOCheads squatting illegally in St. Brigid's have until this coming Thursday to find another bridge to live under:

"A bailiff hired by the current owners told Radio-Canada Sunday that the eviction order is set to be enforced at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday."

So let me make a suggestion to local journos: If you get a chance to ask a question of any of the current TUPOC directors, what about,"Is it your intention to remain here past the deadline of 12:01 a.m. Thursday?" And do not be distracted by bright, shiny rhetoric like, "We are currently considering our options with respect to private prosecution, and community, and heart, and seven mountains Elisha with bears in the woods and ... and ...".

It's a simple question; feel free to ask it. Verbatim.

ONE MORE THING: Given that TUPOC insists that the current eviction order is in some way illegal or unlawful or invalid or ... whatever, can someone check the paperwork and confirm one way or the other whether the order is perfectly valid and enforceable? Surely it can't be that hard to check whether it was filed properly, and approved officially, and handed to a bailiff to enforce, and so on.

Come on, folks, this isn't rocket surgery. It's really tiring to read, over and over, "The directors of TUPOC are adamant that the eviction notice is unlawful and unenforceable," without the next sentence being, "We checked, and they're wrong."


thwap said...

A political movement built on lifetimes of being stupid, believing in crap and responding to new information in a fucked-up way.

Anonymous said...

Is today the official deadline according to the eviction notice?

CC said...

Anon @ 5:53 AM: That is my understanding.

MgS said...

Is “Power Ministries” an MLM?

(Pssst - Hey bud … we can teach you how to make a fortune off your own ministry. Build a big enough congregation and we’ll make you a director, and you can teach your entire congregation to create their own! Just give me 50% of your tithes because I’m your upline). *shudders*

There website screams that kind of structure … and regardless of that *yikes* they come across as absolutely nuts beyond that.