Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Just because.

I think we all need the occasional reminder as to how Rebel News' contemptuous Sheila Gunn Reid equated the "Freedom Convoy" insurrectionists and occupiers with the people who hid Anne Frank from the Nazis:

Seriously, she went there.


Purple library guy said...

Not all laws are good or just. And certainly, laws to protect public health and stop the citizens from dying are obviously bad and unjust, clearly just the same as laws to hunt down citizens of a certain religion and send them to death camps.
Or, um, not.

Anonymous said...

In other news, The Rebel has just launched a petition inviting people to oppose the assault on Salman Rushdie.
I'm sure Mr. Rushdie will be delighted at this expression of support from the publication that once boasted Tommy Robinson, Faith Goldy, Katy Hopkins, Gavin McInnes, and in fact most of the better known bigots, racists and hatemongers active today.