Thursday, August 18, 2022

"Awake Canada": Promising a convoy-flavoured "rematch" on September 11, 2022.

I'm wondering if the acquisition and militarizing of St. Brigid's in Ottawa's Byward Market was the preparation for some madness called "Awake Canada", whose mandate you truly need to read to believe:

Was that what this was all about? Read the whole web page if you have the tenacity.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was bad that people are "woke". Now they say woke is good?

How do these people expect police will disregard their oaths and follow the orders of these guys instead?

They will likely cancel if PP loses the CPC leadership the day before

Anonymous said...

Amusing that these assmonkeys all quote the same misinformation peddlers.
Their screed mentions David Martin...

Sad when you constantly have to debunk these people.

Anonymous said...

The "Freedom Movement" is in disarray:

REGINA – A man leading a group that planned a peaceful protest at the RCMP Training Depot in Regina – and every police station across Canada – on Sept. 11 has stepped down from the leadership role.

“I’ve decided to step aside,” Marcus Ray told in a phone interview late Wednesday.

Ray said other freedom activists and groups have chosen to “crucify” him on social media and it’s hurting the movement.

Purple library guy said...

People should annoy them by calling them "Woke Canada".

chris said...

Mandate bad! Comments infinitely worse! People... put their names on there. [insert Idiocracy reference here.]

The name Marcus Ray rang a bell so I had to look. Who will lead us to freedom now??

chris said...

Anon 10:18--I've seen this down south. They're "awake not woke." It's a searchable term (hazmat suit recommended) and there's a book and t-shirts so you know it's real ;-(

Purple library guy said...

So apparently this guy is calling for the police to stage a "PEACEFUL, LAWFUL" coup.

So, this Marcus Ray guy he's talking about--how squicky and horrific does his past have to be for one of the fascist crowd to be saying "oh, don't worry about his past"? Or is the problem the reverse--that at some point in the past, he was sane and not evil?

Anonymous said...

Here's statement that pretty much sums it all up, right from the horses' asses.

Director Diane says the Bunker is acting as the Hands and Feet of Jesus, according visions she's been having. She alternates between Moonie-like, dreamy vapourings about God's will and sightly more apocalyptic warnings about the Great Uprising we are in the middle of, their role in bringing together all the organizations and players to further the tranformation, and the blood on the hands of anyone who votes "Red or Orange" in the next election.

Chris, the bro from Veterans for Freedom beside her, mostly just says "Yep, yep", and talks about the hair on his arm tingling with divine inspiration.

These people are fucking batshit crazy.

Anonymous said...

An Aug 5 thread about Marcus Ray and other idiots and Sept 11

Earlier threads about him

Val J

Anonymous said...

If Marcus Ray could just return to his former life as a stripper, that'd be great.