Monday, August 29, 2022

The company you keep.

Apparently, Elliot McDavid has all sorts of friends in today's CPC:

Cue Canadian right-wingers suddenly shrieking about Justin Trudeau in blackface. Or possibly Hunter Biden's laptop.


MgS said...

The number of ReformaTories running around bleating about how unfair it is that Canadians expect guys like Poilievre to "spend time" disavowing these numpties is astonishing.

I knew that conservatism was a doomed when Reform rose up in Alberta like the rotting zombie of populist apocalypses past that it is, and sure enough the worst elements of Reform have continued to fester within the body politic of what is now called conservatism.

... conservatism is dead now, it just hasn't figured that out. What remains is a zombie movement filled not with ideas, but festering pustules of hatred and anger.

Anonymous said...

There may be an infectious agent spreading in Grande Prairie. Severe PR syndrome as seen in one bonehead there may have been transmitted to someone else and now they are acting like PR. Or is it simply a casing the joint video for people involved on one side or the other with your collection enforcement activity?

Purple library guy said...

While MgS is quite right, I'd argue that the relatively polite, sane conservatism of the postwar-to-beginning-of-eighties era was actually the unusual time. Ever since then what we've been seeing has been more a gradual return to traditional form than deviation.