Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Right wing Canadian media, ArriveCAN and "crisis actors."

Predictably, the rage badgers at Rebel News are once again shrieking hysterically about a helpless, elderly sweet grandmother being brutally inconvenienced by Justin Trudeau personally:

Luckily, it was not that long ago that one Dean Blundell wrote an extensive piece about how bottom-dwelling right-wing media outlets are employing "crisis actors" to fake these confrontations.

Oh, yawn.


Anonymous said...

No matter how many times the right is exposed for what they are, the rubes will continue to swallow their codswallop.

Sad really.

Anonymous said...

So they're employing "crisis actors" to spread their agenda, yet anytime a shooting happens or video of a conservative doing something evil it's a "false flag" full of "crisis actors"?
Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, every accusation from wingnuts truly is a confession.
You see this on the regular, as they call members of the LGBTQ+ community "groomers" but almost daily there's some news article about how a right wing pastor or political leader is caught diddling kids or downloading child porn.