Thursday, August 25, 2022

It's official: Rebel News and The Democracy Fund are the same entity.

From an e-mail yesterday via Rebel News' scammy, grifty and scammy mailing list:

It's fascinating, don't you think, how the displayed sender is one Alan Honner of the registered CRA charity "The Democracy Fund", but the actual sender is "" But it gets so much better since, if you read to the bottom of the e-mail, well:

That's right -- even the link to TDF's tax-deductible donations page is actually a link under the domain, making it abundantly clear that The Democracy Fund is little more than a donation-laundering operation for Rebel News to run fundraisers for Der Rebel, and use TDF's charitable tax status to hand out charitable tax receipts (which, of course, the rest of us, as taxpayers, are required to cover), despite the fact that the Canada Revenue Agency makes it thigh-suckingly clear that that sort of under-the-table arrangement is illegal:

And now you know.


Anonymous said...

One would think, as a lawyer himself and a director at the registered charity Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, that Alan Honner would know this.

Anonymous said...

Are you still doing an expose on this corrupt and fraudulent system they have going on? Patiently awaiting this.