Tuesday, August 09, 2022

The United People of Canada: Still hanging out with convoyers, I see.

If you're not doing anything tomorrow ...

Derksen ... Derksen ... oh, right, that Brian Derksen:

In unrelated news, TUPOC would like you to know they have nothing to do with the Freedom Convoy. Nothing at all.


Anonymous said...

That would be this whiny, self obsessed asshole, who repeatedly refers to himself as "The Trucker Who Wouldn't Leave" (clearly a self invented moniker - anyone else would have called him "the Trucker Who Wouldn't Shut Up".

Check out his performance here. Clearly he's exactly the guy you'd choose to moderate an "open, positive dialogue to open up communication between difference views within the community".

Seriously, I'd choose the cop, who models patient, balanced professionalism in the face of this yapping clodhopper.


Anonymous said...

It's all very fair and balanced. They're hosting supporters from both sides of the debate: "Pro-Convoy" and "Fuck Trudeau"!

Anonymous said...

BTW - That “Lions not Sheep” sweat was probably made in China - not US.



Anonymous said...

I like the part where the Lions Not Sheep owner got busted for replacing Made-In-China tags with Made-In-USA tags because he made a vid about doing it & posted it online.

This is like when Lister smuggled a cat onboard the Red Dwarf and then took photos of himself w the cat and sent them to the ship's lab to be processed.


CC said...

Bonus points for clever "Red Dwarf" reference.

Anonymous said...

Given the astonishing price of TUPOC’S swag, might I suggest and alternate tagline? Perhaps “Lyin’s Not Cheap”?