Monday, August 15, 2022

Why "Dr." Mehmet Oz is a total asshole.

Here's New Jersey resident (but running for Senate in Pennsylvania) and complete quack Dr. Mehmet Oz, howling with laughter over Joe Biden falling off a bicycle:

Thing is, as a long-time cyclist, the instant I saw that video, I knew exactly what happened -- Biden was clearly clipped or strapped into his pedals, and simply couldn't remove his foot for some reason. It's happened to me on occasion, and it's embarrassing, but it's a risk you take if you use cleats or straps. And if you pop over to YouTube for a clearer view and take a screenshot of that very incident, well:

not only can you see clearly Biden's toe straps, but the caption even states that Biden got his foot caught. But leave it to an alleged medical doctor to mock an 80-year-old falling off a bike onto the asphalt.

Dr. Oz needs to fuck off and go die in a ditch on fire. That's what sort of human garbage he is.


Anonymous said...

The very first episode of The West Wing had the staff commenting wryly about the president having an accident with his bike. Then this happened:

Val J

Anonymous said...

What did you expect from an alternative medicine quack? Facts???

Anonymous said...

At least the current president can actually ride a bicycle.
Unlike some former asshole who can't even walk down a slight incline without assistance and has to drink holding his sippy cup with two hands.
But yeah, Biden is the senile old man. Sure thing.