Monday, August 15, 2022

TUPOC: Not so community-minded after all, it seems.

In the midst of an interesting thread describing a conversation with a TUPOC-head, we have the following fascinating disclosure:

Because nothing says, "We're here to help the members of this community" more than, "Except for those lousy druggies, can you just get them off our lawn? We're trying to eat here."

How can this possibly end badly?


MgS said...

It’s not that they’re lacking in “community spirit”, it’s that their definition of community is … comparatively narrow - as in “if you aren’t us, you’re a problem” narrow.

I’m just waiting to hear their ‘final solution’ declarations …

Anonymous said...

Insurrectionist Komer was never there to help the community - these people lie like they breathe.

Anonymous said...

Oops, some difficulty over the rent...

I hope someone is filming to see how many people are actually staying there.

Maybe this is what they needed $100,0000 for?

Local lawyer is ecstatic :D

Val J