Monday, August 29, 2022

This is the dizzying intellect with which we are dealing.

This would be he-man Elliot McDavid, not quite understanding the concept of "taxes":

Uh huh.


JJ said...

If Cletus could read, he'd see that the property tax notice spells out exactly where the money goes: roads, cops, fire protection, hospitals -- pretty essential services in my view.

We all know Cletus would scream long & loud if he wrecked his bigass flag-festooned truck's transmission driving into a massive pot hole, or if crackheads broke into his shed, stole his tools, set the shed aflame and it spread to his house, or if he got covid because he's an antivax nutjob. If these issues weren't instantly resolved he'd blame the furkin gubmint in general, Turd-eau in particular (never mind that this is all provincial).

Cletus wants all the services, he just doesn't want to pay for them. Cletus isn't just a dumbass, he's a cheapass.

Anonymous said...

wopizza is not horrible McDavid but some other horrible person.

Really, would you eat any food that McDavid had been near?

Meanwhile, he is afraid of being forced to eat crickets.

Val J