Sunday, August 14, 2022

The "Alberta Sovereignty Act."

Divorce with bed privileges.

Yeah, that ain't happening.


Anonymous said...

"But you'll keep paying my allowance, right? Oh, and mom, can I bring my laundry over for you to do? And I'll want the car on weekends..."

Anonymous said...

Since when has most Albertans cared about reality?

Of course the "Alberta Sovereignty Act" is farcical.

Anonymous said...

Jason Kenney: “The proposal is for Alberta basically to ignore and violate the Constitution in a way that is unprecedented in Canadian history. To not enforce the laws of the land, including federal laws, which include the Criminal Code, which is nuts.”

You've hit peak wingnut when even Kenney calls it nuts.

MgS said...

I live in Alberta, and I can assure you that outside of UCP activist circles, most people think this whole discussion is idiotic.

Any such legislation will be straight up toxic crap to begin with - and for the most part it’s all based in a series of outright lies that conservatives have been barfing into Alberta political discourse since the 1980s.

Right now the UCP is claiming membership of close to 100,000 people - that’s a large number, but hardly a majority of Albertans. The problem is that the UCP has made it very toxic to talk about politics. It’s a bit like living in MAGA states - don’t you dare criticize openly whatever BS is currently being ladled out for the idiots.