Sunday, August 21, 2022

Dear TUPOC: Oh, get off the cross, we need the wood.

TUPOC's William Komer goes full-metal whiny victim (fast-forward to about 10:30):

"Why are we being targeted? It seems like our inclusivity and our refusal to discriminate against people based on their backgrounds, beliefs, creeds, religions, etc is being targeted and that's very severe. And we've been advised that we would be in a position with respect to damages of defamatory libel & [inaudible] of false nature, that likely we would have cause to put a lien on this property pending the outcome of litigation that far supersedes the value of the property."

Or (and hear me out) maybe people don't like you because you're all sleazy, unethical, unprincipled grifters who prey on the mentally ill and use the threat of litigation to silence your critics.

Honestly, these people must be getting their legal guidance from Patrick Ross. Nothing else explains it.

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