Friday, August 19, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: Happy (one-year) interestversary.

For anyone keeping track, it was exactly one year ago today that a judge in Saskatchewan approved the registration of my 2010 default judgment for malicious defamation against Lloydminster's Patrick Ross, summarizing precisely what he owed me:

while raising the interest rate on the outstanding amount to 5 percent, meaning that, given the year that has gone by, Patrick now owes me $109,294.

Now, to be fair, it's almost certainly a bit less than that since, as regular readers know, I have over that year seized several thousand dollars from Patrick, but quite a lot of that money went to long-overdue cost awards which are not included in the above amount, as well as a sizable chunk appropriated by the Saskatchewan sheriffs as their cut to reimburse them for their collection efforts. So while what Patrick owes me might be slightly less than $109,294, I'm just rounding up and saying it's an even $110K.

In addition, due to Patrick's intransigence in showing me the money, I initiated garnishment proceedings against his employer, Fluidpro of Clairmont, AB, who have assured the SK sheriffs that they will be obeying the garnishment order with which they were served. I have yet to receive notification of the first payment, but I will let you know when it shows up.

In any event, one is welcome to wish Patrick a Happy Interestversary, and we can all check back in a year to see how things are going.

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