Thursday, August 18, 2022

Wanna buy a church?

Apparently, Freedom Convoy HQ is back on the market:

Dare we feel optimistic?


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if that was the asking price from before?

CC said...

I believe it was.

Anonymous said...
Notice of Termination of Tenant

Anonymous said...

So was this whole thing made up for an episode of House Flippers, or was it Love It Or List It?

Anonymous said...

The bailiff has returned to St. Brigid’s to post another eviction notice.

It says TUPOC is $10K behind in rent and doesn’t have insurance.

chris said...

Locks are changed. From the indispensable Stephanie Carvin.

Stu said...

"The notice says the landlord has terminated the lease, effective Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2022, as a result of "arrears of payment of rent in the amount of $10,000" and "failure to provide proof of liability insurance in the minimum of $5 million." Another notice on the door says the tenants are in violation of the Ontario Heritage Act."

TUPOC says they haven't been evicted, didn't say anything about paying the rent or not, and warned that his (secret-ninja) Private Prosecution Team is "on standby."

But also it's all Trudeau's fault.

Anonymous said...

Remember weeks ago when you posted the sale of St Brigid's might not happen bc of their renovations violating the Ontario Heritage Act?

Notice from bailiff: "Take notice that the Landlord hereby informs you that you are in violation of the Ontario Heritage Act."

The full eviction notice:

Anonymous said...

I guess that answers my previous question about whether they got permission to repaint the doors. they didn't.

I have to say, acting like you own the place and making mods to it that you're not allowed to, then on top of that, forgetting to pay the rent...brilliant piece of thinking, y'all! By that, I mean...that's what happens when your foolproof plan is written up by fools. I would ask if these idiots could be any dumber, but I'm afraid they might go, "Challenge accepted!"

MgS said...

Anonymous @ 7:43PM:

I was very suspicious the moment that they dubbed the place “The Embassy”.

There’s a piece of “think” among the Freeman on the Land types that if they declare something “an Embassy”, that somehow that removes it from the jurisdiction of local laws. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that’s what they’re going to try and claim in court when this farce ends up before a judge.

There have been a few cases where these clowns have tried this stunt with residential landlords, and it’s taken months or even years to actually evict them. I would hope that the courts have gotten smarter about handling this stupidity now - eg. Doing things like rounding up the occupiers and holding them overnight while the locks get changed and a cleanup crew removes whatever mess they’ve made inside.