Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Mark Slapinski: The douchebaggery of being out of range.

Right-wing shill and provocateur Mark Slapinski wants to assure you that, hey, he was there, it was no big deal:

 At which time Mark fucked off back to ... where exactly? Oh, right:

One suspects that, while Mark was here, he got a nice quiet hotel in Kanata because, man, those trucks were noisy.


Anonymous said...

"It" wasn't that bad.

Sure. And having your fingernails ripped out isn't as bad as being flayed and dipped in boiling Javex. And being raped isn't as bad as being murdered.

What's your point, Mark?

Anonymous said...

Another cosplay journalist I see...

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Slapinski: if he's not crying over Justin Trudeau being PM, he's crying over Don Cherry no longer being on Hockey Night in Canada and somehow that's Trudeau's fault too.