Monday, August 15, 2022


From the Aug 10 Ottawa Citizen, "The United People of Canada" director and Freedom Convoy-proponent William Komer opines:

So, to be clear, Freedom Convoyer and insurrectionist Komer is decidedly unhappy when people yell at him from the street, and he is adamant that the police should step in and deal with such unruly citizenry.


SERIOUSLY, try to appreciate the irony of the very people who actively orchestrated and encouraged the illegal, disruptive and economically damaging 3-week siege and occupation of Ottawa now demanding that the local constabulary step in and protect them from harassment and vandalism. If William Komer were any less self-aware, he'd be Patrick Ross. And that is not an insult I make lightly.


Anonymous said...

Oh, he’s perfectly “self-aware”. Today’s Facebook post, Komer smirking at the camera with a juice box of Koolaid, is as clear a “fuck you, we don’t care what you think because we’ve already won” troll piece to his critics as you could conceive.

Anonymous said...

Insurrectionist Komer is inclusive - white nationalists, neo-nazis, konvoy klansmen, kovid19 deniers and kultists.
Basically the alt-right and the terminally stupid.

What is irksome is that no so-called journalists called them out for what they are and gave the Kult a megaphone.

Now, insurrectionist Komer has some traction and is ensuring a silo of stupid for his base.

Anonymous said...

After snark, he's pissed off the London Police force and now is badmouthing the Ottawa Police force whilst playing the victim.

I'm sure that it will end well.

Anonymous said...

Komer invites the public to his BBQ. A guest complies with a request to leave, then exercises their free speech rights from the public sidewalk. The most police can do is ask them to move on.

I want to know what Komer would consider a satisfactory police response. A beating? A tasing? Perhaps "suicide by cop?" What is his private security force being told to do?

Anonymous said...

I am bemused that Komer is giving a voice to white nationalists that bemoan their lack of (and I quote) F*R*E*E*D*O*M....

TUPOC, from the "allowed" comments, just seems like another Konvoy group.

What are the odds that climate change denialisms, rigth-wingers, god fetishers, anti-vaxxers, proud boys, conservatives, Pierre Pollievre lovers, science deniers, Trudeau haters, Rebel News fans, dirty oil pimpers would be their target audience?

Too bad culling of the terminally stupid is still illegal.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's fun to laugh at them, as I do. But let me point out again - they've won.

They've acquired a six million dollar asset. They're using it right now to host pro-convoy, pro "freedom" events and propaganda.

They've established their own "Private Security Force".

They're fundraising for an organization that appears to have three self-appointed directors, not selected by or accountable to anyone.

They've established that they intend to operate with NO input from the local community association, despite their frequently proclaimed commitment to "community development".

And while local media coverage is getting a little more skeptical, the big, obvious truth - that these yobs are a beachhead for the truckers' next wave - is somehow being ignored.

So there's that

CC said...

The sale is not final; the city may yet have a say on what is allowed to be done with a historical property.

Anonymous said...


That was always obvious for the get-go. If only the cheap stenographers had done they jobs instead of copy-paste whatever Komer had puked out.

Let's not forget Conservative politicians that support these Klowns.

Anonymous said...

In recent supporter vlogs with TUPOC staff/volunteers, TUPOCers are careful to correct any statement about the sale with "in the process of buying"

Anonymous said...

Do they want to be treated like a real church and be exempt from municipal taxes?

Anonymous said...

TUPOC is a non-profit and will benefit from certain gov. largesse.

Having a looksie over at their FB page.... holy fuck are certain Canadians stupid...and why are they mostly conservative and the alt-right.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 3:31: "Mostly"??

Anonymous said...

Yes mostly.
Some "alt-medicine" folks are joining up with anti-vax hysteria.

Anonymous said...

Police are on scene at St. Brigid’s Church. They say they’re enforcing a civil matter over non payment of rent from the tenant.