Saturday, August 27, 2022

Why the current owners of St. Brigid's are the reason for this clusterfuck.


Understand what you're reading here: The current owner(s) of St. Brigid's, thinking they were going to eventually get close to $6 million for the property, collected only the first $5,000 deposit, then were told that the next two payments were unavailable but still agreed to what appears to be a six-week extension.

What. The. Fuck?

And it never occurred to these imbeciles (the owners) to think, "Um, we're not comfortable with you not being able to make even these minimal deposit payments on time."

Yes, The United People of Canada need to be run out of town, but the owners of St. Brigid's need to accept responsibility for a maddening lack of even the most minimal due diligence.

Christ ... to think that all of this could have been avoided.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the landlord was sympathetic to the cause. I suppose we shouldn't be surprised what with all the landlords and developers on Doug Ford's Christmas card list.

thwap said...

Clearly the owners sympathized with their batshit crazy beliefs. Right-wing movements almost always have capitalist supporters (and empowered state employees serving capitalists who can help grease the wheels).

Anonymous said...

From CBC News:
A deal that would have seen The United People of Canada (TUPC) buy a church building near downtown Ottawa collapsed because the controversial group failed to make deposits totalling $100,000, according to court documents.

The sworn affidavit from the building's owner, Patrick McDonald, states TUPC failed to make three separate payments toward the purchase of the former St. Brigid's Church when they were due on Aug. 10....

William Komer, one of TUPC's directors, said Friday afternoon that he had yet to see a copy of the affidavit and wanted to look it over before providing comment.

"This is news to us, these claims being made," he said in a statement to CBC News.

Yeah, right. CBC's report is based on documents filed with the court. This means those documents were first served on Komer or his my legal rep. I don't believe for one second that he hasn't seen them.

Anonymous said...

"The bailiff handed the papers for Komer to a TUPoC supporter, but as soon as the bailiff left that man said he didn’t want them. A protester offered to take the documents and is reading them on the sidewalk."

Anonymous said...

Landlord wants top dollar that was offered. The real estate probably already grabbed that 5K since their commission on 6M, 60K if they get 1%. Owner is desperately hoping deal will go through, does not want to try to sell and have to wait for squatters removal and expensive cleanup.

CC said...

At this point, I just want both parties to lose everything and declare bankruptcy, and have the city seize the property and turn into a hot sauce store and craft brewery.