Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Is barrister Sarah Miller violating the AB Law Society's Code of Conduct? The evidence is compelling.

Recent anonymous commenter suggests quite persuasively that Rebel News' house elf and lawyer utterly incapable of getting a grip on her law-breaking client Sarah Miller is openly violating the Code of Conduct of the Law Society of Alberta:

The Alberta Law Society's Code of Conduct states that "a lawyer must encourage public respect for and try to improve the administration of justice." In criticizing courts, lawyers are to avoid criticism that is petty, intemperate or unsupported by bona fide belief in its real merit. When involved in proceedings, a lawyer's criticism risks being seen as partisan rather than objective. Finally, lawyers have a duty to support the courts because decision-makers can't defend themselves. Miller does nothing to encourage public respect for the administration of justice. Indeed, by prematurely taking her complaints to the UN, she's discouraging respect for Canada's legal system and violating the law society's code of conduct.

The above would be based on the utterly meritless and dishonest U.N. Human Rights Complaint recent delivered to the U.N. by Miller and her handler, Sheila Gunn Reid and, frankly, I am tempted to agree, and if anyone is inclined to make an official complaint to the LSAB, well, you can start here.

I think it's past time that disingenuous hacks like Miller be held accountable for their disingenuous hackery.

BONUS TRACK: If anyone is bored and has a smattering of legal expertise, it would be enlightening to dissect Miller's ridiculous U.N. complaint in excruciating detail. Perhaps the most appalling of Miller's violations of the requirements for submitting such a complaint to the U.N. is the clear requirement that all domestic legal remedies have been exhausted, something which is clearly untrue as some of these cases have not even been heard, much less appealed

In fact, if you read that crapfest of a complaint, you see this astonishing snippet at the top of page 14:

To Rebel News’ knowledge, all the parties noted above are seeking to exhaust domestic remedies, ...

Make sure you understand Miller's dishonesty here; having been told quite clearly by the U.N. that all domestic remedies must have been exhausted, Miller openly admits they have not been.

How all of this is not professional misconduct is beyond me. It would be enlightening to know how much Miller charged to draft this complaint.

BY THE WAY, another apparent egregious misrepresentation by Miller is right on page one, where she insists, "These political prisoners are not presently represented by the author for the purposes of these submissions."  Except that one of the "political prisoners" listed is "Pastor" Artur Pawlowski, who has always been described as one of Miller's clients:

So what is going on here? Is Miller playing word games, perhaps claiming that she is not the author of this complaint? Or that Pawlowski is a client instead of Rebel News? Or of The Democracy Fund?

It's almost impossible to unpack the overwhelming dishonesty and misrepresentation in that complaint. Oh, and I'm still waiting for Gunn Reid and Miller to post the receipts for their European vacation.


Anonymous said...

I think the biggest issue here is that Miller is not simply a lawyer representing some of these people. Rather, she is an active participant, working with an organization (Rebel News) that is openly and actively ENCOURAGING these defendants to break the law. Rebel has openly fundraised for people to violate the law, promising them that they would provide free legal service. In other words, Miller is co-operating with others to ADVISE people to break the law, then turns around and complains when those same people are charged and prosecuted for breaking the very laws she's been encouraging them to break. How is this not misconduct?

CC said...

That is an intriguing point -- what are the implications of a lawyer whining about the unfair and unjustified prosecution of their client when that lawyer has openly and publicly encouraged their client to ... break the law? Perhaps someone with legal expertise can enlighten us.

Anonymous said...

Stunts like this resulted in dozens of complaints to the law society against Ezra. He finally quit being a lawyer to avoid the consequences. Now he's got Miller on a glide path to the same end. She undoubtedly worked hard to become a lawyer. Sad to see such a wasted effort.

CC said...

Anon @ 2:12 PM: I tend to agree with you that Miller, looking for some instant notoriety, made a stunningly bad choice to get into bed with Ezra and Sheila, and now her reputation is, well, shit. And, yes, she totally deserves to be reported for misconduct to the LSAB.

We're not done here.