Saturday, August 13, 2022

Who is Natasha Lokshin, and what does she have to do with TUPOC and Roman Baber?

Why is someone named Natasha Lokshin fundraising for The United People of Canada (and using the possessive "we" when doing it)?

And why is she pimping for CPC leadership candidate Roman Baber on Twitter?

So many questions.

UPPITY DATE: Commenter points out that Lokshin is an ardent anti-vaxxer.


Anonymous said...

Like why is she leading a protest outside the Astra Zeneca plant in Mississauga on Monday?

Anonymous said...

After a week of so of negative comments on their FB page, TUPOC has now hidden comments and stopped people from commenting.

As predicted, they are just another Klown Konvoy front.

I trust that journos will no longer be giving "The United People of Canada" (TUPOC) any free publicity and exposing them for what they are: right-winger and spreaders of Covid-19 misinformation.