Friday, August 05, 2022

The United People of Canada: Nothing's been signed yet.

Twitterer "@PiperK" points out that a white nationalist, convoy-loving "Honk Honk!!" mob like TUPOC can't just waltz in and plop down $6M for St. Brigid's, as it is a historical property that requires city approval for any kind of development:

So maybe this isn't really going anywhere after all.

P.S. The city should have made that church the Byward Market O-Train stop. Really.

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Jason said...

Seeing as they are calling it an embassy, do you think they'll try and plead diplomatic immunity?

It's so stupid, but why call yourself an embassy?

Will they declare themselves the Canadian Government in Exile after the cons are trounced in the next election?

The embassy of the free state of Alberta?

They could have called it anything but they went with embassy. I have to think that there is a (very stupid) reason.