Friday, August 05, 2022


UPPITY DATE, 1:21 PM, Aug 5: Scroll to bottom for tail-waggingly crunchy goodness.

Oh, Lord:

You could read that article, or you could just give Sheila your credit card and CVV number. It'll save time.

REBEL NEWS' EUROPEAN VACATION! I'm sure that will be $15,000 well spent:

Would it be pushy to ask to see receipts? Because if you're looking for cheap, you can get to Geneva and back for less than $2K per person:

So grifting^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H begging for more than $15,000 seems a bit excessive. I'm just saying.

EVEN BUSINESS CLASS doesn't justify mooching for more than $15,000:

As you can see, even moving up to business class still costs less than $6K per person, so it's a total mystery how Sheila thinks this needs a grift of over $15,000.

HANG ON, THERE'S SOMETHING FISHY HERE: If you read the illiterate swill that is the UN complaint here, author Sarah Miller insists that she has no personal interest in this:

and yet, as you are about to read, the complaint specifically refers to the cause of "Pastor Art" Pawlowski, who is openly represented by Miller as you can read here:

So what is the deal here? Well, if you read further in the complaint, it would appear that Miller is playing word games:

Um ...

Pastor Pawlowski has been provided with counsel from The Democracy Fund (TDF), ...

How interesting, that Miller disavows being Pastor Art's counsel and fobs off that responsibility on The Democracy Fund, even though all the evidence suggests she is representing Pawlowski through The Democracy Fund.

Miller's representation above seems, at the very least, misleading and disingenuous. But, hey, that's just me.

OHMIGOD, IT GETS EVEN FUNNIER: As I read it, there is absolutely nothing that requires one to make a UNHRC complaint in person, as that website openly tells you where to send your complaint:

But we're not done here, as it appears barrister Miller doesn't have the slightest fucking idea what she's doing, as in:

Read the part in bold as many times as it takes to finally grok it in its fullness -- you do not go whining childishly to the UNHRC until you have exhausted every possible local and national remedy at your disposal, something that has clearly not happened as Pastor Art's case has not even finished being dealt with at the Alberta provincial level.

Dear God, is one allowed to ask whether barrister Miller got her law degree from Trump University? Fucking hell.

I JUST HAD AN EVIL THOUGHT: Why not just polish off this blog post with a few more details, and then send the link to, with the caption, "Regarding the ridiculous, valueless complaint you are about to receive ..."?

Would that be overly cruel?

WE'RE NOT DONE HERE because the more I read that complaint, the more extraordinarily idiotic it becomes. If that absolute slop was actually written by alleged barrister Sarah Miller, she needs to demand a refund from whatever online combination law school and laundromat she got her degree from.

HOLY FUCK, IT JUST GETS FUNNIER: From a dishonesty-soaked e-mail just received from the contemptible (pun intended) Sheila Gunn Reid:

... We're flying cheap. We're taking a red-eye flight, and we're only staying on the ground in Geneva for one day.

This is not a luxury vacation. It's a whirlwind trip to raise a red flag about what is happening here in Canada...

Filing this complaint and travelling to Switzerland will cost over $15,000, but when the history books look back on this moment, we will be proud that we did everything to defend the rights of our fellow Canadians. ...

As I have already pointed out, full air travel costs should be less than $4,000, so there is no even hypothetical rationale for grifting for over $15K. And remember, there is no reason to even go in the first place, since this can all be done remotely.

You've been warned.

P.S. In the spirit of transparency and openness, Gunn Reid could always post full trip receipts so people could see where all that money went. I'm betting that's not going to happen. Call it a hunch.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that Ezra uses the word dissident. When we talk about dissidents, like Solzhenitsyn or the Tiananmen demonstrators, we're talking about people who reject a system of government, in these cases, communism. So if the Flutruckers are dissidents, they're admitting that they reject our system of government, namely parliamentary democracy. These people are fascists. We already knew this, of course, it's just nice to get confirmation from the horse's mouth.

Anonymous said...

"Pastor Pawlowski has been charged by the government" - yeah, by the Alberta government for violation of Alberta health orders. Nice of Miller to clarify that.

Anonymous said...

I think the Rebels have long ceased caring about how they're perceived outside their small circle of very, very stupid admirers. The little closed circuit generating money and sending their "reporters" on fun little jaunts around the world is functioning just fine.

It's an interesting foreign affairs editorial policy that completely ignores the war in Ukraine but thinks is worthwhile to submit an utterly pointless pointless petition in Zurich.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, but is Sarah Miller even a lawyer? How can you claim you're filing a human rights complaint against Justin Trudeau when those are all *provincial* offenses? Don't officers of the court have an ethical or professional obligation to not lie?

Anonymous said...

Grifting grifters gotta grift.
Smells like a couple of Rebelers just want an all-expense paid trip to Europe. I mean, traveling all that way just to deliver a letter? Because that somehow holds more weight with the court?
Sigh. I'm in the wrong industry. Damn this sense of morality of mine!

Anonymous said...

I would have thought anything UN-related would be too Weffy for them.

Anonymous said...

Filing the petition online deprives the Rebel of a week's worth of stories, though - multiple edits of Sheila trying to "present" the pointless petition to a succession of confused, nervous security guards, receptionists and administrators.
Well, maybe she'll get lucky, some poor passerby will accidentally bump into her, and she can charge them with assault.

MgS said...

I wonder of SGR has ever travelled to Europe before? Most flights from here to there are "red eye" flights - for the simple reason that the travel time is significant.

CC said...

MgS: I was, in fact, going to post the same thing last time, but figured it was just piling on. To suggest that you're sacrificing by taking a "red-eye" flight from North America to Europe is the height of appalling ignorance. Then again ... it is Sheila.