Saturday, August 13, 2022

Sheila Gunn Reid's European vacation: Sarah Miller gets her cut.

And, suddenly, we see where all that money went.

Having blathered on for days about how the travel costs for her and her legal house elf Sarah Miller would be over $15,000 (despite that not being even remotely possible), Rebel News' Grift Queen and chicken bucket passer-arounder Sheila Gunn Reid lets slip where all that dosh actually went in a Rebel e-mail blast (emphasis tail-waggingly added):

"If you agree that Trudeau's human rights abuses against Canadians must be addressed, please click here or go to On that site, you can read our official complaint and pitch in towards the legal fees and travel costs associated with this mission."

"Legal fees," you say? How ... interesting, since that's not what you were saying all this time, Sheila, dear. No, you clearly claimed that all of that $15K+ was for travel; now, it's also meant to cover "legal fees" and, suddenly, the grift becomes clear as it's apparent that some chunk of all that cash went straight into Sarah Miller's pocket for drafting that illiterate crapfest of a human rights complaint.

It costs precisely nothing to file a human rights complaint with the U.N., and it wasn't even necessary to go to Geneva since that can be done via e-mail or fax, but now we have direct from Sheila that a whack of all that cash went straight into the pockets of one Sarah Miller, and wouldn't it have been nice if Sheila had mentioned that from the beginning?

And, no, we're not done with Miller yet. Not fucking close.

SO HOW MUCH DID MILLER ACTUALLY TROUSER? It's unlikely that Sheila will ever disclose how large a bag of cash Miller was handed for the appallingly misleading and dishonest swill she horked up, but we can speculate based on Sheila's own words.

First, Sheila was adamant that this vacation was costing over $15,000. Note well she did not just say she was crowdfunding that amount; no, she insisted that that was the actual cost. So what can we conclude?

Well, Sheila also insisted that both of those two hacks were flying economy, which I proved days ago would have cost each of them less than $2,000 (CAD) if booked even a few days ahead of time. And as Sheila insisted they were staying only one night, it's hard to imagine a single night at a hotel -- even in Geneva -- costing over $1,000, which means that all of the travel costs should have been, at most, $5,000 (CAD), leaving over $10K to be handed over to Miller for producing what can only charitably be called absolute trash.

Apparently, Trudeau Derangement Syndrome pays well these days.


Anonymous said...

Will the UN's response to that whining be publicly available? I assume they will be diplomatic, but they should still say that there's nothing to that complaint. It would be entertaining to read what the UN has to say.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, speaking of Trudeau Derangement Syndrome, Google offered up the option to follow a bunch of "people you might know" to me today.
Turns out one of them was indeed someone I knew. The best man in my wedding 20 some years ago, and I haven't talked to him since the pandemic started. His avatar was a photoshopped pic of Trudeau as a trans woman and his tagline said Trudeau was a tyrant and a dick sucker.
I continued my streak of not following anyone on social media, and I've learnt I will not be contacting this former good friend anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:25 your former best man is having a difficult time, knowing Trudeau has had more action up till he got married than former BM ever will.