Saturday, August 13, 2022

Sheila Gunn Reid and Sarah Miller: Yup, I called it.

It was a few days ago that I predicted that the (totally unnecessary) European vacation of Sheila Gunn Reid and her personal house elf Sarah Miller would inevitably involve them standing outside of the U.N. on the sidewalk, one of them interviewing the other for the PR value of it.

Oh, look:

Easiest prediction I ever made. And I am still working on a post regarding Miller's spectacular lack of ethics and principles related to the utter crap she submitted as a human rights complaint to the U.N.

P.S. Still waiting for Gunn Reid to post receipts proving that that trip actually cost the more than $15,000 she fundraised for it.

Still waiting ...

1 comment:

Stu said...

"Rebel News' Chief Reporter" .. chuckle. (All facts verified by Alex Jones)

Also, I really hope you discover a lot of interesting and incriminating things during your legal chat with Mr. L. Do you know when about it'll take place?