Tuesday, August 02, 2022

The United People of Canada: Vibrantly and inclusively bringing the vibrant and inclusive vibrancy and inclusivitude.

Jesus fucking Christ, do the Freedom Convoy-loving, anti-vaccine dingbats at The United People of Canada (TUPOC) have anything in their thesaurus other than the hackneyed and gramatically sodomized expression, "restore and adaptively reuse surplus and underutilized institutional properties into vibrant and inclusive community spaces"?

Here's the TUPOC Twitter account recently:

Here's Convoyhead and TUPOC board member Kimberley Walker [sic: should say "Ward"] in a "pressreader" article:

And here's TUPOC Obergruppenfuhrer William Komer in an Ottawa Citizen article:

After a while, this starts to get just plain creepy.


Anonymous said...

After a month of responding to nearly all questions and taunts about their purpose and convoy connections with the identical "mission to restore and adaptively reuse" boilerplate on their FB page, in the last 2 days TUPOC has grown a couple of human defenders who, rather endearingly, respond to the same questions by pointing to Tom Quiggan's book "Eyewitness to Deceit: Trudeau’s Infowar on Freedom Convoy 2022" or a lecture from Andrew MacGillivray of Veterans For Freedom about his support for the truckers in Ottawa.

Delacourt in your quoted article keeps referring to Kimberly Walker instead of Kimberley Ward. Otherwise, good article.

MgS said...

So … none of them were “supporters” of the convoy protest, yet they were all there?

If they actually think anyone with an ounce of sense left believes that crap, I’ve got a bridge or two to sell them.

Purple library guy said...

All the directors seem very white, they are probably all some sort of Christian, and they're even all around the same age. I'm not sure that really qualifies as "diverse and inclusive, intergenerational, interracial and interfaith", let alone "minority-led".