Thursday, August 11, 2022

The United People of Canada: An exciting new development.


It's fascinating how, in the space of a few short weeks, we went from "We want to provide a local safe space where members of the community can come and discuss their differences in a spirit of healing and reconciliation" to "We're setting up our own private army where we'll have security fencing, razor wire, motion sensors and snipers with high-powered rifles on the rooftop who will blow your goddamned fucking head off if you so much as walk down the wrong side of the street when going by."

If local law enforcement haven't figured out that this is designed as a staging area for future Convoy-related protests and occupation, they're too stupid for words.

P.S. I just drove by St. Brigid's (slightly after 2 a.m.) to see, parked in the driveway facing the street, the lead vehicle in this convoy of asshats:

There was, sitting in the dark behind the wheel, an unidentifiable loonbat, so what we can conclude is that TUPOC's "private security force" is starting out with some gormless idiot hanging out in his shitbox of an SUV keeping an eye on the street, but I'm guessing the up-armoured Humvees are just around the corner.

The Ottawa police are so fucked.

UPPITY DATE: I just drove by the TUPOC "embassy", and the shitbox SUV pictured above was no longer parked in the entrance, but had relocated to the back of the parking lot, but it was still there, suggesting that that vehicle might now be a permanent fixture of TUPOC's vaunted "private security force." I'll keep you posted on whether it stays there over the next few days.


Anonymous said...

So it's not just a private security force ... it's a private security force, and private special constables, and private investigators, and private prosecutors, and a private administration team. This is nothing short of a military compound. I hope everyone understands this.

thwap said...

Right now they're asking Canadians to join them in a friendly way. But they want us to know they will soon have unfriendly ways to obtain compliance.

Because right-wingers are tired of being victimized for being so sweet and nice and concerned about everyone's freedom and democracy and etc.,

Anonymous said...

Back in February, Ottawa police were BFFs with the Convoy thugs. Any reason to think that's changed?

MgS said...

“Private Prosecutors”? What next? Their own “private judges”, “private jail” operating out of the basement?

I don’t know what this guy thinks university campuses have for security, but it sure as hell isn’t anything like what he’s talking about.

Jason said...

Sounds like they're forming an alternative government.

A Canadian Government in Exile?
A Canadian Government of the free?
Will they start asking people to send them their taxes?

I keep coming back to the word embassy. Maybe it will become the Embassy of Alberta, or Western Canada?

Maybe they will be demanding diplomatic immunity soon.

Anonymous said...

Curiouser and curiouser.

Yesterday the following notice circulated on Facebook:

"Dear Friends:
We, LIberty planet, a freedom community, have a real change [sic] to have our own Embassy in a [sic] heart of Ottawa. The place where we can conduct our Community Conversation.

We have to collect $100,000 in the next 20 hours to be able to buy the premises where we are locating right at 310 St. Patrick's St. Ottawa, ON KING 5K5 Canada.

We need Your Help!!

Please (partially redacted)"

There is an American anti-vax, anti immigration outfit called Liberty Planet, but I have no idea whether this is them or not. From the terrible writing and the Tijuana-Time-Share deadline, I suspect a scam.

CC said...

Anon @ 11:03 AM: Can you send a screenshot to

Anonymous said...

"The private security force is already operational," Komer said Tuesday... and the group is also considering contracting it out to other organizations or businesses, he added."

Brian Busby said...

I happened to find myself in ByWard market last Saturday. Having read TUPAC's grave concerns regarding security, I made a point of visiting, walking along Murray, Cumberland and St Patrick. I saw nothing. No activity whatsoever. Were they even there?

Truth be told, given William Komer's statements to the media and online, I'd expected to see protest - or at the very least indications of past protest. What I saw instead were signs of indifference. Komer's looking for an excuse to justify the need for TUPAC Brownshirts. Their shirts will be red and cost $50.