Tuesday, August 09, 2022

The lying lies of Sheila Gunn Reid.

"Moments ago, civil liberties lawyer Sarah Miller and I officially served the UN with a formal legal complaint against Justin Trudeau."

No, you liar, you did no such thing; you handed over a worthless pack of nonsense that describes cases that are almost entirely under provincial jurisdiction and have nothing to do with the federal government or Justin Trudeau.

And that's why you're a liar.

P.S. Still waiting to see the receipts that prove that trip cost more than $15,000 -- a trip you never needed to make in the first place since you could have submitted that complaint by e-mail. But I hear Switzerland is nice this time of year.

YEAH, I'M THAT GOOD: Forgive me for pointing out just how good I am at this by reproducing a snippet from my earlier prediction post, wherein I predicted [emphasis tail-waggingly added]:

Even if one person wanted to deliver that ridiculous complaint in person, why did two people go? And the answer is, for the video. All of this is for the record, which is why it was absolutely essential that there be two hacks -- one to pimp and preen for the camera, while the other records the Kabuki theatre for the rubes back home.

From Sheila's recent bloviating e-mail [more emphasis]:

"Click here [www.rebelnews.com] to watch the video of Sarah and I serving the complaint on the UN."

Damn, I'm good.

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