Sunday, August 07, 2022

The lying liars that are Sheila Gunn Reid and Sarah Miller.

From an email from one of the two aforementioned disgusting, pathological liars:

"... I’m flying there with our top civil liberties lawyer, Sarah Miller, because we are filing a formal legal complaint against Justin Trudeau for his abusive treatment of peaceful protesters during the pandemic lockdowns."

Bullshit. As anyone who's read the incomprehensible, asinine, idiotic rubbish penned by Miller, virtually every example in that legalistic bullshit involves provincial, not federal jurisdiction and therefore has nothing to do with Justin Trudeau. I'm going to assume Miller knows that and chooses to lie, anyway.

Is there no code of ethics or professionalism for an officer of the court? Apparently not. Maybe there should be.

We're not done here.

P.S. Hilariously, in trying to come off as intelligent, Gunn Reid throws Miller under Ezra's Hummer by writing:

"The legal complaint was carefully crafted by Sarah Miller — you’ll recognize her as the tenacious lawyer who has represented Artur Pawlowski so well these past two years. She probably knows more about political prisoners in Canada than anyone else."

I say "hilariously" since the Artur Pawlowski matter has been, since the beginning, a provincial matter, as Miller would well know, which means Miller knows she's lying about Trudeau's involvement. But you knew that, right?


C. Mike Hunt said...

RogueNerdOne said...

I can't be the only one that knows you can file a human rights complaint via email, right? Or there's an online form to do it as well if I remember correctly.

Also, it wouldn't cost $15,000 for a one-day trip. Max is $6000 if they flew business or first class. I've found tickets as low as $1100 to Geneva from Edmonton and return. It's only $708 one way.

They're being charged more because all the airports between here and there are operated by libtards. This is more than a grift. This is flat out fraud. She's misrepresenting her goal, the cost to obtain goals, and even the need to do this in person.

Typical Rebel News horseshit.