Wednesday, August 10, 2022

So is this actually happening this morning?


I see no mention of this on TUPOC's home page at all. How ... curious.

UPPITY DATE: CBC piece on TUPOC's troubling private security force.


The United People of Canada (TUPC) said it has identified people it claims have committed crimes targeting the group, and is prepared to "ensure the rule of law is upheld within our lawful authority," according to William Komer, one of its directors.

If TUPOC has "identified" lawbreakers, then they should have reported them to the police, at which point there should be an official police report. If TUPOC is going to handle any trouble solely through their own security force, holy shit, but that's worrying.


Anonymous said...

They've "commissioned" one security person so far, not clear if licensed or not. Police have had a talk with them, but I assume they are lying about many things.

They sure like to talk about crimes being committed against them.

Val J

Anonymous said...

While I enjoy laughing at their transparent and clumsy gamesmanship and their moronic base of support, there's one unfortunate reality that we have to acknowledge.

They've won.

In just a month, they've acquired a valuable property in the heart of Lowertown, and are successfully conning their base into donating money to increase its value even further.

They've provided a permanent venue, organizing support and promotion for alt-right, anti-vax, convoy and "freedom" themed events in a city that would probably be reluctant to host them.

They've created a space and administrative capacity for a War Room to support the next round of blockades, protests and disruptions. The woman pictured with William Komer, their director, refers to herself on twitter as as organizer of their last "war room", as well as a leader of "Adopt a Trucker." I also expect the space will provide temporary or permanent admin and facilities support to a number of the astroturf groups set up to support the truckers and anti-vaxxers (e.g., Saskatchewan Dental Hygienists of Colour Against Vaccine Mandates)

They've created a "Private Security Force" to protect their space, and they're already polluting the visual landscape with Canadian flags defaced with obscenities.

So let's not kid ourselves. We're smarter, funnier and snarkier than they are: but they've gotten exactly what they want, and they don't really give a shit what we think.

MgS said...

"Lawful Authority"? Yeah - I'd say it's "lawful authority" the same way that organized crime protection rackets are "lawful authority".

Anonymous said...

Interesting, according to that CBC article:
An Aug. 4 Facebook comment from the organization said it plans to create a "sizeable security force," and that it had "commissioned" its first member to "stand guard."

and ...

Security agencies in Ontario have to comply with the Private Security and Investigative Services Act. They must also have an agency licence and can only hire licensed staff. Failing to comply with the act can result in fines up to $250,000 and one year of imprisonment, the province's website states.

The ministry "does not currently have a security guard agency application from this group," a spokesperson said in an email to CBC on Tuesday. ]

I wonder if this will become Poliverre's 'Red shirts'?

- Stu

Anonymous said...

For anyone wanting to take action:

Val J

Anonymous said...

"Lions not sheep (lambs)" was/is a favourite aphorism (? word choice) of the Italian (and other) (literal) fascists.