Thursday, August 04, 2022

I'm sure this will end well.


So much more coming ...

PREDICTION: Security fencing is on the way. Dare we expect razor wire and motion sensors? Who knows?

IRONY ALERT: Secretive organization well funded with millions in dark money and who actively supported the disruptive and traumatic occupation of the downtown core for three weeks will now whine childishly about being harassed by people who wrote in chalk on a sidewalk.

Get off the cross. We need the wood.


Anonymous said...

I expect they'll soon announce that the Hell's Angels have won the security contract.

Purple library guy said...

A "sizeable security FORCE"?! I mean, normally to guard just one fair-sized building wouldn't you hire A security guard? Or, like, contract one of the big agencies to worry about shifts and such, but maintain the presence of ONE guard.
So what are they planning to do with a "sizeable force" of thugs?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they will be paid by the community, at least those in the community who discover they need protection.