Friday, August 12, 2022

Hilariously evasive response from TUPOC related to "Liberty Planet."

Jesus freaking God, here we go:

"Not affiliated," you say? I will let readers draw their own conclusions:


MgS said...

"Not affiliated" ... just sharing an e-mail address - nothing to see here - move along, folks.

Anonymous said...

TUPOC Facebook fans have come to understand that by "not affiliated", they mean: "We've been very careful not to leave a paper trail that formalizes any contractual relationship between this specific corporate entity (which has several other linked companies, of course) and the specific third party you are referencing".

Anonymous said...

As predicted, TUPOC is trying to set up some kind of base for the alt-right in Ottawa.
They can say they are not affiliated all they want, but anyone involved with them has ties to the "Trucker convoy" one way or another.