Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yeah, about that whole "civility" thing ...

Dear stupid, idiot wankers: Rather than whining so incessantly and pitifully about how rude I am to describe people as "douchebags," you should realize that you are the wrong ones to be lecturing the rest of us about politeness.

It's just an observation.

: Nothing subliminal here, no sir (emphasis tail-waggingly added):

Sarah Palin is Out of Line

Regardless of your stance on the recent Democratic victory on passing the biggest health care reform ever to strike the country, Sarah Palin is clearly out of line with her recent actions.

Nearly a year ago, Palin stated that Obama's proposed reform would lead to "death panels." Now, this not so classy woman has taken it a step further and released a graphic telling voters to "reload" and "take aim" at Democratic representatives that voted in support of the health care bill. This image included cross-hairs over the senators' locations.

Responding to outrage that this clearly encouraged actual violence, Palin supporters told critics to shut the fuck up or they would hunt them down and kill them.


Dizzlski said...

Too many people think this way in the US military. It is one of the reasons I left. Not all of them of course, but there is a tendency towards mindless violence there.

Moon Rattled said...

The blazing cat fur teabilly blogger is a total nutcase.