Saturday, March 27, 2010

Christian AND conservative: A lethally stupid combination.

Blogging Tory "Christian Conservative" goes all Steve "Inspector Gadget" Janke and figured he's exposed something critically important:

The context of Coulter's "Camel" comment

Gotta LOVE the media spin, eh? Oh, the heartless right-winger insults a Muslim girl. Anyone care for some context?

Several friends of mine were at the London event, and I had a chance to talk to one of them this evening. And he shed some very interesting light on what really went down that night.

First of all, there's the "UNCUT" version of what actually happened... see it for yourself. Notes follow:...

First observation... looks like this girl is reading her question off a Blackberry. Was perhaps she "fed" the question, I wonder?

Ignore, if you will, the nad-scrunching irony of a Blogging Tory complaining about other people possibly being fed robotic talking points. No, seriously, get a grip and gather yourself so we can move on because, really, it only gets funnier.

Now, why would Fatima Al-Dhaher have read her question off of a Blackberry? Hmmmmmm ... an excellent question. Could it be perhaps that she was nervous and wanted to have it in front of her so she didn't mess up asking it? Is there any evidence for that? Like, perhaps, that I made that very same claim in this very forum three whole days ago (all subsequent emphasis added for the intellectually impaired):

Sadly, Al-Dhaher (who admits to being nervous as she was asking her question) didn't have the presence of mind to pull off the perfect comeback.

And where did I get my information? Why, here:

Al-Dhaher said she attended the lecture "with an open mind" and had not planned to ask a question. However, when Coulter began making remarks about homosexuals, African-Americans and Muslims, she felt the need to speak up, she said.

"I just thought that it was despicable and I thought that I should speak up against it," Al-Dhaher told CTV News Channel Tuesday afternoon. "So, I wrote on my phone because I was afraid I'd get nervous up there and forget my question."

You know, one of many places where anyone who wasn't a useless retard could have learned that little tidbit.

And that's where I stopped reading "Christian Conservative." Really, I just stopped. Too much stupid all in one place. Let me know if I missed anything.

AND THE FAX MACHINES BEGIN TO HUM ... Ironically, Canada's conservatives have now been handed talking points about how to accuse someone else of (you guessed it) being handed talking points.

Over here, Mr. Arnie "Five Feet of Kathy Shaidle's Strap-on" Lemaire gets his instructions, and follows them to the letter:

Frumpy has a pic of the outraged Muslima reading her "question" to Ann Coulter from a blackberry, leading me to suspect that like the Maclean's sockpuppets this kid did not act uninstructed.

Canada's Blogging Tories, feigning outrage about others being carefully instructed sockpuppets. Fuck, but that's adorable.

LET THE PUBLIC SPANKING BEGIN: At this point, the commenters show up at ChCon's to, politely, tell him he's full of crap. Here's ChCon, early on in his blog post:

Apparently this young Muslim girl only showed up for the Q&A session, and didn't even listen to what Ann had to say.

Love the "apparently" qualifier, ChCon -- smear someone without feeling you need to provide any actual evidence. Very clever. Sadly for ChCon, commenter Brian Busby points out that ChCon's fellow BTer "moose and squirrel" reveals ChCon to be full of crap:

... I did recognize the young Muslim woman; I sat right next to her while she alternately texted fellow Muslims and scribbled furiously in Arabic using the pen she borrowed from me.

But we see the Blogging Tory strategy quickly taking shape -- make up all sorts of irresponsible shit and throw it all against the wall, seeing what sticks. I'd remind ChCon about that whole "bearing false witness" thing, but I suspect it would be lost on him.


Anonymous said...

Yes, he claims that she hates Israel because she once belonged to a FB group. He of course, would like you infer that she hates all the jews or something...

He then goes on to state in defence of Ann and those buggery loving Christians
we OFFER Christianity, we don't "enforce" it. So when she said we should "convert them to Christianity", she wasn't talking about forced conversions.
So Ann did not really suggest forced conversions when she suggested forced conversions...

I don't think you can even FISK that kind of concentrated idiocy...

Ti-Guy said...

The way these people torture language is Orwellian. If you use the verb "convert" transitively, it certainly means that the object of the conversion does not have any choice.

We know what the toxic harridan meant. In the context of invading, countries and killing leaders, it's not arguable.

Evil "Christian" liars; they will burn in Hell.

Lindsay Stewart said...

invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to xtianity. that's like getting an offer of a competitive interest rate from the mob.

Ti-Guy said...

Frankly, I'm surprised she decided to "contextualise" that remark by drawing upon an historical parallel. I thought what the wingnuts love so much about her is that she "tells it like it is." And what happened to the usual stand by? That the remark was intended to be humorous, in that special wingnut variety of humour?

If I ever had my "concentration camps for wingnuts" remarks thrown in my face, I'd either respond "I meant every word" or "Of course I'm joking. I'm a comedian, just like Ann Coulter."

Just goes to show what a real coward Coulter is. She genuinely looked frazzled when those remarks were thrown back at her.