Wednesday, March 24, 2010


When even one of SDA's wingnut regulars calls you on your bullshit, you have been well and truly spanked in public.

AFTERSNARK: The bonus is, of course, co-organizer Kathy Shaidle herself in one of the first comments there:

Exactly, Kyla.




Breach of contract, loss of income, not to mention the organizers' expense $$$ now down the drain

Bwa ha

Huh. I suspect that's going to be a pretty tough suit to win, given that it was one of the organizers who cancelled the event, for no apparent reason. But now that Shaidle has mouthed off about suing, let's be patient and see if she follows through, shall we?


Anonymous said...

given that it was one of the organizers who cancelled the event, for no apparent reason.
Tune in next when Ezra punches himself in the face and sues the HRC...

liberal supporter said...

hunter is supposedly allowing all comments today. Let's see if this makes it:
====== hunter March 24
The woman in the picture is the choreographer for the "confrontation" in the foreground. No word yet on how many protesters were wearing boots with octagons on them.

Of course Faux News still has the number of protesters at 2,000 when it was less than 200.

Meanwhile, read about real threats. You know, severing propane lines, vandalism. That sort of thing.

Cue the crickets.

Holly Stick said...

It's really sad that her supporters are so heartbroken about missing her, when she was too busy whooping it up at the Rideau Club to bother to go and speak to them.

Anonymous said...

So far Hunter posted all my comments because they exemplify leftardedness for her. Maybe yours will too LS. Here's hopin'.

Hunter's friend, East of Eden has lost his mind in that comment thread. He called me a Fallopian featured git!

Moon Rattled said...

Hey, Shaidle, maybe Dr. Orly Taitz Esquire can help you out.


Filcher said...

"She made it clear that Canada is not being governed by a conservative government.
Quite shameful when you consider that a conservative speaking engagement at a university in the nations capital was cancelled because the speaker is a conservative?"