Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kathy Shaidle: All mouth, no follow-through.

As I recall, it was only days ago that Canada's Littlest Racist was running her festering gob:

PS: I dare just one of you to come up to me and "express your concerns" to my face at UWO. We both know you don't have the balls.

Lots of bravado there, Kathy. Refresh my memory ... how did that work out for you in Ottawa? Oh, right:

Right-wing antagonist Ann Coulter cancelled a University of Ottawa address last night after organizers decided it wasn’t safe to speak.

The move followed boisterous demonstrations outside that sponsors of the appearance feared could turn violent.

“There was a risk there could be physical violence,” said Canadian conservative activist Ezra Levant, who was scheduled to introduce Ms. Coulter.

Here's a suggestion, Kathy: Don't let your mouth write a cheque your ass can't cash. You just end up looking stupid.

Well, OK, stupider.

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