Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear Brenda: Have I got a deal for you!

First, there's one of the ubiquitous voices of modern Canadian conservatism, one "maryT", bitching and whining about those annoying students at the U of Ottawa:

I wonder how many of those students are there on their own dime, without any loans or parent's help. Bet not many, so, until they pay their own bills, and go to a university funded without taxpayers help, they have no rights to decide who can or can't speak. What if we taxpayers decided they didn't have a right to attend said university. What if we taxpayers told them they had to shut up, and couldn't speak. Hey, it is our institution, expel them all.
Use their tactics against them.
I would like the names of all those idiots, and when they apply for another student loan, DENIED.
When they apply for a job with the UofO on their resume, DENIED.
Maybe they could join iggy's ditch digging brigade.

Yeah! Fucking students, with their classes and studying and facts and knowledge and education and right to free speech and everything. What the fuck do they have to say worth listening to? On a similar note, of course, one wonders if we could all take a vote and deny maryT, say, publicly-funded medical coverage. They're my tax dollars -- why the fuck should I pay for maryT's medical bills? Useless, parasitic bitch, that one, you bet.

But maryT's whining pales by comparison with "Hunter"/Brenda's pathetically perpetual whining about -- what else? -- leftards:

Hey, here's an idea, why don't I totally ban all lefty trolls from my site so that they have NO ability to speak? It worked at the UofO!

Or as a Conservative am I not allowed to shut up anyone who posts on my blog, but lefties can shut down a Conservative at a publicly funded university and that's okay?

Here's a thought, Brenda -- why don't you ban all lefties from your blog, just so we don't have to listen to you bitching and moaning and kvetching about it day after day, month after month, year after year? Because, holy fucking shit, you're getting tiresome, complaining every few days about exactly the same thing -- how all those annoying lefties keep showing up at your place and handing you your doughy ass on a plate intellectually every single time.

Really, Brenda, it has to be painful for even your mentally-defective groupies to listen to you kvetch about that again and again and again and again and again and again. We get it, fer Chrissake -- you're an irredeemable retard and you really don't like people dropping by to point that out. So just ban those folks and, for the love of God, shut the fuck up about it.

And if you need help, well, regular readers might remember how I made it painfully easy for Canada's wankers to make it clear they don't want any dissenting opinions in their little, cat crap-filled sandboxes. Remember this, Brenda? I created that blog expressly for mewling little runts like you who officially allow lefties to post at their places, only to moderate or censor any criticism, then perpetually bitch about those people showing up.

So here's your chance, Brenda. Make your life easy -- just let me know that you would like to officially register as one of Canada's Whiny Wankers, and I will do everything in my power to convince smart, educated people to stop trying to educate you. Really, Brenda, it's not hard. Just drop me a note along the lines of:

Dear CC:

I am tired of being exposed as a complete retard by people orders of magnitude smarter than me, so please tell them to stop trying to educate me since that is an utter waste of time.

Yours in appalling ignorance and suffocating douchebagitude,

See? Easy peasy, Brenda. Then people would stop wasting their time pointing out your screeching stupidity, and you could stop whining about it day after day. A win-win all around, wouldn't you say?

So let's go, Brenda. Drop me a short note, and I'll set the wheels in motion, and all those lefty trolls will stop hassling you and you can enjoy your hermetically-sealed bubble of stupid with maryT and the rest of the Canadian Idiot-sphere.

Don't say I never did you any favours.

BONUS DUMBTH: Some unintentional hilarity from Brenda:

Oh, I don't censor you lefty trolls, I just get tired of you contributing nothing but rants against me, my blog and my "real" posters.

I only let you out once in awhile so people who read my blog can see the far left Liberal viewpoint.

This would suggest that Brenda's regular readers are really too stupid to realize that, if they want to see the "far left Liberal" viewpoint, they could always just go read, you know, a far left Liberal blog.

I'm guessing that logical construction is simply too sophisticated for Brenda's readers. These are not what you call deep thinkers.

SPEAKING OF DEEP THINKING ... I completely overlooked this intellectual gem of Brenda's from that earlier comment:

... why don't I totally ban all lefty trolls from my site so that they have NO ability to speak?

Good thinking, Brenda! Because if they can't comment at your blog, God only knows how they'll get their message out there!

I seriously wonder if, late at night, Brenda's husband rolls over, looks wistfully at her sleeping, and wonders if he could get away with burying her in the garden, then telling the kids and neighbours she's stripping in Atlantic City. God knows, if I was married to Brenda, the thought would cross my mind.


Rev.Paperboy said...

Because, holy fucking shit, you're getting tiresome,


Southern Quebec said...

Brenda is a few cards short of a full deck. She refuses to post my comments all the time. Oh, did I mention that she was also a liar? She keeps saying that she went to university, but never says what she took or if she graduated. very interesting...

CC said...

There is no possible way that whiny runt graduated from university -- I refuse to believe that. Now a useless bible college like "Dr" Charles McVety's Canada Christian College, sure ... places like that will give a degree to a stump as long as the stump believed in the innerancy of the Bible.

But Brenda having a real degree? No chance, unless she sustained a massive head injury since then. This is a woman who couldn't pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were printed on the heel.

CC said...

Um ... "inerrancy." I meant to type "inerrancy." But you knew that, right?

Anonymous said...

Huntsy and "troll free zone" cheerleader East of Eden today:

You deserve respect and courtesy from commenters. Any comment in which you are demeaned, personally criticized, called 'Huntsy', dissed, etc. should not be published. Any comment which disses conservatives or our PM should not be published.


Huntsy cheerleader walking his own walk and talking his own talk the other day:

Stereo - pull your head out of your dirty little a$$ and read a newspaper or two.... Now, once you've done that, you can go back to felching yourself, you little fallopian featured git.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot to add... Ha!

thwap said...

So, self-proclaimed fascist, proud racist, and hater of free speech Ann Coulter gets a protest at one of hate-fests and her fans whine about how unfair it all is?

Her talk was cancelled due to Ezra Levant's incompetence, not the protests anyway.

But these self-righteous hypocritical fucks are STILL bitching that people protested the presence of that noxious woman?


Southern Quebec said...

One of the commenters actually compared Ann Coulter's "no speech event" to "Kristallnacht". Think about that!

Gallahad said...

What is "Kristallnacht" compared to Ann Coulter not speaking.

What is a coordinated attack on a race of people, and stealing their property, compared to that.

What is the murder of 6 million people based on their race compared to Ann Coulter not speaking.

Do those fuck heads even think before they spew, for christ's sake.