Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Don't forget -- Ezra's pulled this kind of shit before.

The next couple days threatens to be seriously busy for your humble scribe, so I'll recommend all the guys and gals over at Progressive Bloggers if you want to stay on top of your Ezra Levant-flavoured whiny-ass-titty-baby-ness, but for those people who are getting the suspicion that all this Ann Coulter-related free speech "repression" and weepy martyrdom has all been niftily choreographed from the inside, let me remind you that Ezra's pulled this crap before.

I'm just sayin'.

In the midst of all the contradictory bullpoop that's being spread, there's a simple question that demands an answer: Who made the decision to cancel the talk?

I'm not asking who might have recommended or advised or suggested or any vague, tenuous, non-committal rubbish like that. At some point, one person must have made the decision and had the corresponding authority to say, "That's it, it's over, it ain't happening."

According to Kady O'Malley, Ottawa police are absolutely adamant that they did not make that decision. So who did? As I said, it's a simple question. And it really, really deserves an answer.


JJ said...

For some reason I'm having difficulty posting a link to the story, but it was the organizers who pulled the plug.
(I apologize for blog whoring, but the link is at my place.)

JJ said...

I'll try again... here you go

Niles said...

If, as pointed out earlier, she never even bothered leaving the 'posh' venue of rubbing elbows with the elite, to make her way to address the faithful but poor at the University, it's a set up all the way. I had wondered about that option, but thought I was over thinking things in the paranoid vein.

Apparently, no, outrageous scenarios barely keep up with their real time plans.

If it can be linked cleanly, will anyone even pay attention to the timeline 'CSI'? Be nice if they did, because I'm still pleased the students showed up to protest her presence whatever the outcome, because the Anne Levant show would have made a cause celebre out of this no matter *what* ending. If they'd been ignored, the silence would just have been used as *proof* Canada is becoming more conservative since she wasn't protested and Galloway etc were banned...and don't doubt that for a second.

She's free to drink and sneer from a window with the other 'elites' and think herself clever. The protestors and their wellwishers are free to say take it south of the border sister, it ain't sellin' here.

btw. any person who deliberately pulled a false alarm (*whoever* it was - I can't find where a protestor was definitively pinned as the culprit - not saying all protestors are innocent, just can't find it) is a brain short. It's hard enough guiding emergency evacuations with a calm, ably ambulatory populace and thus, becomes a wedge issue on safety.

Niles said...

For my next outrageous hunh, I have to ask if it's a coincidence they pulled this at the university where Allan Rock is the president?

Yes, high profile Liberal Allan Rock, that well known corruptor of Canadian youth on the campuses where communist professors hold sway over free speech; the now-*exposed* operative of the 'Ignatieff Intellectual Iffetes' Russian brainwashing campaign to censor free spirits.

Anddd...tie it in to the campus talks Ignatieff has been holding in a triple lux of logic.

I keep hitting the sarcasm tag after each line, but I can't help but feel this is going to be solid gold sales to the usual suspects.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives are ignorant and BT mentally defective yet they will spew whatever gangrenous filth Ezra spews.

I'm glad that Kady tries to put the record straight but teh stupid will never understand and will decry the lack of free speech...

They should be mocked and mocked and mocked...

Moon Rattled said...

My guess is Coulter. She was informed of the anti-hate laws ahead of speaking. And since hate is her specialty, what else was she going to yack about?