Monday, March 29, 2010

When really stupid Blogging Tories blog.


Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff stunned business leaders when he announced on Sunday that the Liberal Party would not carry out the planned cuts to corporate tax rates.

Yes, stunned they must be. Stunned, I say. Hang on (emphasis tail-waggingly added for the hard of sentience):

Executives say it's time to raise taxes

Canada's business executives, not usually a tax-friendly bunch, have acknowledged that it may be necessary for Ottawa to boost taxes in order to get rid of the deficit.

Almost three out of five of the senior executives who responded to the latest C-Suite survey agree that in order for the federal government to balance its books, some form of tax increase may be necessary.

While executives are almost unanimous that the recession is over and economic growth is under way, they are worried about how the government is going to deal with the stimulus-induced deficit. Half don't believe Ottawa will be able to balance the books in five years, and that's why so many think a tax increase is necessary.

I could go on.


Anonymous said...

teh boobing tories would prefer to give tax breaks to corporations and raise personal taxes since they are all economic geniousess(sic) like patrick ross...

double nickel said...

To be fair, the execs didn't actually say they wanted "their" taxes increased.