Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The bullshit of Ezra Levant.

Spin, baby, spin:

I've never been busier in my "real life", so please forgive me for not blogging as much as I'd like to.

Yes, Ezra, I'm sure it's a full-time gig carrying Ann Coulter's luggage into and out of her hotel room. And good for you for finally getting real work. God knows, that whole lawyering thing doesn't seem to be working out for you.

Ann Coulter's tour was a huge success

Well, except for that part where your own stupidity and incompetence fucked up her Ottawa talk. Other than that, I'm sure it went swimmingly.

For a day or so, whatever media discussion there was centred on Coulter's own views. But the moment that Francois Houle, the vice-president of the University of Ottawa, sent Coulter a threatening letter, the story changed.

Yeaahhhh ... I think we'll be coming back to that in a later post. But here's the capper:

It wasn't about Coulter and her views anymore -- it was about Canada, and whether we were a free enough country to let her express her views. The University of Western Ontario and University of Calgary passed that test; Houle and his street thugs failed it.

Um, no, Ezra ... what failed was your ability to simply book a suitable venue and organize it properly, to the point where that Ottawa evening became so disorganized that even the Ottawa Police feared for the safety of the public because of your screeching incompetence at running a simple evening presentation. And let us not forget, Ezra, that you were the one that pulled the plug on that talk. Not the U of Ottawa administration, not the Ottawa Police ... you. So when it comes to abject failure, Ezra, I wouldn't go looking elsewhere.

Check back tomorrow when we continue our series, "Ezra Levant: One of the stupidest human beings alive? Possibly."

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Gallahad said...

Ezra Levant,

Needs Help.

What a retard......

Niles said...

I wonder if he's getting a cut of Coulter's profit margin on all this, or if he was working for free out of loyalty to the pure cause, like all good lesser beings in the Randian world who exist to serve their ur-Dagnys (who of course allow them to serve while sneering at them).

thwap said...

So, Ezra Levant thinks it's unfair that a fascist, anti-semite who believes leftists shouldn't have a right to freedom of speech had to face protests when she showed up to blabber into a microphone?

So Ezra Levant thinks the racist asshole was "censored" even when he was the one who cancelled the event? (Which was a bust due to his own incompetence as you said CC.)

Now I know why Ezra Levant thinks that Maher Arar wasn't tortured while at the same time believing that the Syrians knew he was a terrorist.

It's the same reason Ezra Levant has a hard-on for Stockwell Day.

He's one of the stupidest people on the planet.

Ti-Guy said...

He's not just stupid. He's evil.

Metro said...

I kinda figure it has to be both. I mean, why would Canada's Official want to be the catamite for a person known to be awaiting his "perfection?"

I also assume he's so morally bankrupt that he'd book the same room for Sturmfrunt and whine just as loudly when the inevitable protest drove them out ... Unless he booked Cow-town again.