Monday, March 22, 2010

Here, let me tighten that up for you.

Shorter Suzie All-Caps: "As someone who believes unconditionally and unquestioningly in the existence of an invisible, immaterial and intangible sky monster, a virgin birth, water magically becoming wine and the Sun standing still, I really haven't seen enough evidence for this so-called, alleged abuse to take those accusations seriously."

Do I have that about right?


deBeauxOs said...

That sounds just about right, except for the part about the Sun. Don't devout Catholics believe it shines out of Pope Maledict's ass?

CK said...

I don't.

I asked her a few questions earlier, which I posted in comments at your place deBeauxOs: she still hasn't answered me yet. Ain't holdin' my breath neither.

Actually, I'm starting to feel unwanted; no neo-con wants to answer any of my very good and pointed questions. Oh Well? Are my questions to them that scary?