Sunday, March 28, 2010

Canada 150

Watching the big Liberal shindig in Montreal has been interesting. There are some very compelling voices and opinions but I get no sense that the people who need to be heeded will have the least effect on Ignatieff's absence of policy. I find it kind of saddening that the people being empowered to speak out in these sessions are not going to be truly heard by the increasingly right leaning Liberals. The more I watch, the more convinced I become that the Liberal Party of Canada needs to be burned to the ground and unmade so a new party that reflects the actual values of Canadians can rise in its place. I've said elsewhere that I'd like to see the Bloc take a step into the national arena and adopt the progressive wing of the Liberal Party and perhaps gobble up the eternally lacklustre NDP in the process. As it sits, the Liberals are the other right wing party and they serve the same corrupt masters that Harper bends his knee to.

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