Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rahim and Helena, meet ball and blanket.

Once upon a time, there was Sir Cokes-a-lot:

Alliance MP Rahim Jaffer Apologizes For Radio Show Debacle

OTTAWA — Alliance MP Rahim Jaffer fought back tears as he apologized Tuesday to his constituents, his colleagues and his parents for covering up for a staffer who impersonated him on a radio show.

Jaffer's hands trembled as he read a statement in the Commons saying he was sorry for the antics of Matthew Johnston, his executive assistant, in an on-air interview with a Vancouver station.

``It was wrong for my assistant to appear on the radio claiming to be me and it was wrong for me to cover that up,'' he said.

Apparently, dumbassery runs in that family:

Assistant apologizes for letters praising Guergis

COLLINGWOOD, Ont. - Simcoe-Grey MP Helena Guergis's executive assistant has apologized for sending letters, written under a different name, and highly complimentary of her boss, to several Ontario newspapers.

What the fuck? Seriously. It's like you need to take these people aside and say, "No, if you put your tongue on that steel railing in January, the same thing will happen as what happened last January." And half an hour later, you'll be standing there, exasperated, saying, "What did I just tell you?"


Boris said...

You could build a reality TV show around those two. Absolutely amazing.

Námo Mandos said...

Why is Rahim Jaffer the longest running unfunny political joke in Canada?

Audrey II said...

Is Guergis' aide perhaps named "Mahmood"?