Thursday, March 18, 2010

They were for 10 percenters, before they were against them.

Um ... what?

The fight over mail-outs from MPs known as "10-percenters" heated up on Parliament Hill Wednesday, as the Conservatives chose to ignore a vote to ban the flyers -- only to have the PMO later endorse the principle behind the initiative.

At which point Stephen Harper hung Con MP Steven Fletcher out to dry, then bit the head off a live kitten. Or something.

. I'm getting seriously tired of these asinine refutations that deliberately misrepresent someone's point of view. Here's Fletcher:

"On the issue of the ten percenters, I do not know what the party opposite has against freedom of speech."

Fuck you, Steven, that's not the argument and you know it. By way of analogy, let me suggest what might get the point across. If I happen to run into Steven Fletcher at some point, I will start beating him soundly with a baguette. If he complains, I will respond:

"What's the problem, Steven? What do you have against physical fitness? This is an extremely aerobic activity, good for my cardiovascular. And if I vary the stroke, I can work various muscle groups as well. For instance, if I pummel you around the head and shoulders, I'm exercising my lats and delts. Lower down, those all-important abs and obliques. And if I put the baguette aside and simply hoof you in the nads over and over, well, let's not overlook the benefit to my gluts and quads. So, really, Steven, why are you so adamantly opposed to physical fitness?"

I'm thinking, though, that Fletcher is way too stupid to understand the point I would be making. Not that I'd care.


Southern Quebec said...

I am in a BQ riding. I keep getting these f*ing stupid flyers from some Bozo in BC and one in Alberta. They tell me that the BQ is not tough on crime. That was before Helena's sweetie beat the rap...

I always send them back with a snotty note pointing out that before they were in power Canada had a surplus. Later...not so much. And, I always tell them to stop wasting my money...but they don't get it!!! A$$holes...all of them.

Gallahad said...

I live in a Liberal riding, and I am always receiving this bloody useless shit.

Thanks CPC, I can afford to buy my own toilet paper.

They accuse the Liberals, of being soft on crime, suppoorting pornography, higher spending, and higher taxes.

They accuse them of numerous other specious charges as well.

Hell about the only thing they haven't been accused of is eating babies.

I Despise them.

Ti-Guy said...

And now Stephen Fletcher has recanted.

So what have you got against free speech, Fletcher?

It wasn't fucking free to begin with, arsehole. Taxpayers are paying for this crap.

sooey said...

It's not speech, either. It's just the government wasting money whining about the opposition, for some bizarre reason. These jerks can't seem to waste enough of our money fast enough.

Romantic Heretic said...

Beating Fletcher won't help. He'd probably like it in fact.

These people are really weird.


CC said...


Got a link for that recantation?

Ti-Guy said...

Oops. Technically, it's the PMO that contradicted Fletcher, but it might as well have been Fletcher himself recanting, since we all know such independent thought is not permitted among Conservatives.

These people have made a mockery of free speech. Thank God I never thought much of that mythical freedom to begin with.

Unknown said...

We at the CTF fought 10%ers, and the proof is here:

If anyone wants to get on our mailing list for action updates, visit here:

Finally, our debt clock widget is available here for use on anyone's website:

Cameron Campbell said...

I often wonder how the CTF gets to use the C bit like they represent all of us or something.

I disagree with them most of the time.. oh well, broken clocks etc.

KEvron said...

mmmm.... baguettes.


Ti-Guy said...

I disagree with them most of the time.

I do as well, but I have to say it's shown more consistency than practically every other right-leaning institution in this country. They started going after Harper the minute he started deviating from his small-government principles. Which was the day he became Prime Minister, if memory serves.

Unknown said...

Question: Are you offended by the name the Council of Canadians chose for themselves? Or do you think all Canadians believe what they do?

Neither name is inappropriate.

sooey said...

I think your group should more appropriately be called: "Seven White Male Conservatives and a Woman".

Cameron Campbell said...

Tiguy right u are.

Taxpayer, you are right as well

as is sooey

I wonder which one of them is out on the
blog rounds today?

Moon Rattled said...

A year ago I received a flyer from a Con Cabinet Minister whose riding I'm not even in (I'm in a Liberal riding) and the flyer was a blatantly slanderous attack on Ignatieff with a link to a slanderous web site created by "the Conservative Party of Canada." The flyer was so repugnant I emailed a jpg of it to Harper and the shitty Cabinet Minister with a cc to the heads of all the parties, saying as a Canadian I was disgusted, please take me off your mail list, low class douchebag, since I'm not even in your riding, and was tax revenue used to generate this filth because it had better not?

Never heard back from anybody. But if someone had created that web site and flyer about me I'd have sued the shit out of them.